Sunday, January 22, 2012

A 1st Birthday Party Fit for a Princess

We have had a great weekend!   One of the highlights of the weekend was attending a 1st Birthday Party for this little princess...

Isn't she a doll?  This is Claire, or as my Claire refers to her..."Baby Claire!" 

Baby Claire's mommy did a great job making her birthday special...

I love the bright colors in this banner!

And look at all these cupcakes! 

I will share the recipe for these on the left later! 

Baby Claire had fun with her best friend, Talia.

 My Claire thought baby Claire was so sweet!

The birthday girl having her lunch! 
Look at her cupcake hair decoration, her sparkly earrings, and her painted nails!
What a girl!
 And look at that skirt!
She is so stylish!

All the guests received a little fleece cupcake blanket with the birthday girl's picture on it!
My Claire LOVED that!  She said it was just what her baby doll (Rosabelle Elizabeth) needed!

It was a privilege to be part of Claire's 1st birthday celebration.
She had so many family and friends there on her special day.
She is obviously a very loved girl!

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  1. Oh, that photo of baby Claire and your Claire is way to cute!!