Friday, January 6, 2012

"All About Me" Art for Kids

As a creative arts teacher, I am always trying to integrate what my students are learning in their regular classrooms with one of the areas of art. Technology is, as we all know, growing and changing all the time. Technology is a huge part of all of our lives now. As teachers, our requirements for teaching technology are changing all the time too. Students need to know much more than we did when we were children!
I did this activity with my 4th grade students and then did it at home with my son, Hugh. We used Microsoft Publisher to create "All About Me" art. We began by using the text box tool and making his name big across the middle of the paper. Since it was "all about Hugh" we wanted his name to really stand out. Then he brainstormed all his favorite things; color (camo), candy, cartoon, hobbies, etc. We then looked up free images through Yahoo! and copied and pasted them in his collage. We also used the WordArt tool in Microsoft Publisher to make some of the words in fancy writing! We then printed it on cardstock and framed it! He has it proudly on display in his bedroom!
This art/technology project can be done with children using a variety of themes: All About Me, My Family, 4th Grade, Baseball, Dance, etc. The possibilities are endless, really! And in addition to it just being so fun, children get to experiment with Microsoft Publisher and become familiar with the different tools that are available to use. I told my students that this would become a great keepsake to remember what they were like in 4th grade. This can be framed or put into a scrapbook or school memories book. This project allows kids to be creative and become a bit more computer savvy AND focus on all their favorite things which is always fun!
Special thanks to my student, Chloee and her family for letting me use her art here!

Special thanks to my student, Olivia and her family for letting me use her art here!

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  1. This is a great idea Rebecca. I'm going to work on this one with my son. Thanks for visiting over at Cottage Glamour!