Friday, January 6, 2012

Blog Sweet Blog

I've wrestled with the fact that I am SO INCREDIBLY BUSY with a full time job and 3 kids yet here I am with a new endeavor.  How can I fit in one more thing?  Well, before I had children I loved to scrapbook.  I scrapbooked everything - every holiday, every new gift, every one's new house (relative or friend), every ballgame we went to, the dog's first bath, everything!!  When Hugh was born 3 1/2 months prematurely, scrapbooking was therapy for me.  I scrapbooked the 4 month stay he spent an hour away from home at the hospital and after being with him every day I would stop by the scrapbook store and load up on more stuff:  stickers, paper, colored pens, sticky tabs.  (Shopping for the scrapbook supplies was therapeutic too!)  I wasn't sleeping at night anyway and so I scrapbooked.  It was something I felt I could do for him and, as I said, it was therapeutic for me too.  As Hugh grew to be a strong, healthy, busy toddler, I had lots of new things to scrapbook -  his first step, first horse ride, first tractor ride, first trip to the park, first time playing at McDonald's.  And I did scrapbook ALL of it! 

When Claire was born, 5 1/2 years later, I had less time to scrapbook.  I did continue to snap pictures like crazy of both kids and I resigned myself to scrapping only the big events, special occasions, or really great pictures I had of the kids.  I put together a really cute smaller chipboard book of Claire's first year to have out at her first birthday party.  I also did some smaller scrapbook projects as gifts for friends.  Scrapbooking was a passion and I loved to dive into a new layout!

Soon after Claire's first birthday, we were surprised to discover we were expecting Oliver!  I remember one of the first things my mom said was "Oh, you're going to be so busy!"  I knew I would be but I was so excited too!  It has been so busy.  Oliver has made our family complete and even in the hectic hustle and bustle of our every day lives, I feel so blessed.  I'm Hugh, Claire, and Oliver's mom.  While I absolutely LOVE being known as their mom, there is more to me than that.  So far, I'm finding that having this blog sort of allows me to "center" myself.  I can stick my thoughts, ideas, lists, etc. on here (even if it remains in the "draft" stage) and it gets it out of my head.  I'm always afraid I'm going to forget things too, and blogging provides an ongoing record of what's happening. 

I do still scrapbook and I enjoy doing crafts.  I have been doing digital scrapbooking as I love being able to save my projects, go back to them when I have time, and not have a mess piled up in my house in the meantime.  Checking in with my blog frequently sort of covers it all.  It is an ongoing scrapbook of our lives, a record of my thoughts and ideas, and a place to embrace my obsession with making lists! It allows me to be creative!

Having a blog seems to be helping me organize some of my thoughts.  It is also another social network and since I don't have much time to actually go out and do things with friends as often as I would like, I can keep them up to date on our happenings this way!  I can brag about my cute kids, share my working mom survival strategies, and visit with other moms who share similar interests.  As an elementary teacher, I am all the time coming across a great children's book that has just been published or trying a new art project with my students. Recently while reading a really wonderful Christmas story to my students, I thought "Parents need to know about this good stuff that's out there."  Blogging is a way for me to share this stuff too and get ideas and suggestions from other bloggers.  Blogging lets me feel as if my voice is being heard when sometimes, on hectic days with 426 students and then my own 3 munchkins, I wonder if anyone has listened to me at all!   This way at least I have the illusion of being heard!

Blog, sweet, the end of even the craziest days I can bring it all together here - get my thoughts and ideas out of my head and on "paper." It is mommy time, winding-down time, getting back to me time!


  1. Hi Rebecca! I'm glad you decided to blog--I very much needed to see the Emerson quote on the side of your page today. By the way, the names Claire and Oliver are two of my favorites!

  2. Oh! Thank you! Yes, I LOVE the Emerson quote. I think it fits mommyhood perfectly! Thanks for the compliment on the names! I think they are two of the best names in the world, myself! So glad you are a follower - I appreciate it!