Thursday, January 26, 2012

Date Night: Concession Stands & Funeral Homes

This past Tuesday I blogged about a typical day in my life as a working mom.  If you missed it, you can click here to read it.  After putting my whole day in writing and taking a look at it from start to finish...well, there were a few things that really got my attention.  The biggest being, my husband, Ryan, was just sort of co-existing with me on that busy day.  We worked together to get the kids up and out the door in the morning and then we worked together to get them home, fed, bathed, and in bed, barely uttering a "good-night" to each other.  Kinda made me sad.  After all, it was the two of us alone that started this chaos, right - "all because two people fell in love."  I miss that man. 

So anyway, last night as we said "good-night" to each other I told him that that post made me realize we have been so busy we haven't even talked about anything more than the quick "how was your day?"  He said, "Yeah, I know but we have a date on Friday."  Yes!  And Friday is tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT. 

Before our son, Hugh (8) was born, we went out a lot - dinner, movies, picnics, concerts, long drives...but as things go a baby changed things.  When Hugh was a bit older, around 3 or 4, we began "dating" again more often as we felt comfortable leaving him with grandparents or a babysitter.  We tried to go out together every week or every other week.  It was great.  And then along came Claire and shortly after that, Oliver and now...well, we'd almost like them to go out so we can just get a full night's sleep! 

It became very obvious to me one night last spring that the "dating" part of our marriage was changing when I realized I was kind of looking forward to our evening out alone.  And our evening out alone that night was....wait, you're gonna love this....working a concession stand at the baseball field and then a visitation for a church member at the funeral home.  Pathetic!  We had a babysitter from about 4:30 that evening until about 9:00.  We had signed up to run the concession stand since we're both teachers, Ryan is a Little League Coach, Hugh is a Little League get the picture.  And running the concession stand for a date isn't really all that bad.  We worked together scooping nacho cheese and making change, but during the down times we each had a hot dog and a pop (kind of like our picnics in the olden days!)  Also, during the not-so-busy times, we got to talk.  Then we ran home changed into dress clothes and had a 30 mile drive to the funeral home.  It was a beautiful spring night and I enjoyed the drive, sitting next to my handsome husband who was all dressed up and smelling good! Of course, the funeral home visitation was not fun.  Not fun at all.  But as we headed back to our car afterwards, Ryan looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes and said "Let's go get ice cream!"  Yeah!!!  He's so romantic!  We then got ice cream and decided we better go for a long drive while we ate it because we didn't want to pick up the kids and have them see that we got a treat without them.  So there we were, "date" night had become concession stands and funeral homes, and I actually really loved that evening!  I mean, hey, uninterrupted conversation, both of us all dressed up, hot dogs and ice cream, a beautiful drive on a spring evening, and we even held hands in the car.  Yes, our life together has really changed. 

But tomorrow!!!!  Tomorrow we are going out to eat at a very nice restaurant, a restaurant where we actually have reservations!!!  Woo, Hoo!!!  We will probably get dressed up, if the weather is nice we will probably go for a little walk in the beautiful city we are headed to, I bet he'll hold my hand, uninterrupted conversation....and...we probably will go grocery shopping.  We really do need some groceries.  But anyway, a few hours together, time to reconnect!  I'll take it!


  1. So funny. I had a couple in the office today who have two little boys. When I walked in and saw it was just the two parents I said "Oh a date!" They were good sports and agreed. Then on their way out Jessica asked them if the were continuing their date at Walmart to pick up their prescriptions! Times sure do change!

  2. Love it! Matt and I have a date day on Saturday!

  3. I tried to plan a date for us for Tuesday, our 3 year anniversary since we met, and it's already fallen through. Makes me sad. There will be more days, right? You guys have a great time on your date tonight! I'm excited for you!!!