Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Fun Give-Away

*1/25/12 This giveaway is now closed.
I am excited to offer our first give away!  The winner will receive the scrapbook/paper crafting supplies you see here.  This includes alphabet stickers, two textured 12x12 sheets of cardstock, two 12x12 reversible papers, 1 sheet of punch-out die cuts, and a set of colored rub-ons.  AND...they all coordinate!  I love the browns, golds, and blues together. 

They are from the scrapbooking company formerly known as Top Line Creations.  I sell these products.  Let me also say...if you are not a scrapbooker YOU CAN STILL MAKE GREAT USE OF THESE PRODUCTS!!!  You can always use these type of supplies to decorate all kinds of, banners, signs, presentation boards, bulletin boards, wrapped gifts...really, anything!  And, who doesn't just love to win stuff?

To enter you must...

1. Be an official follower of Sister-Dipity.  If you are not yet, you can join by clicking on the
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2.  You must comment at the end of this post by answering this question:  
 As a busy mom, what do you do for yourself?

That's it!  Become a follower, leave a comment, and keep your fingers crossed!  I will randomly choose a winner on Wednesday.  Check back to see if you are a winner.


  1. As a busy mom I take time to read and do crafts that I enjoy. I also spend time praying and doing family activities that we all enjoy!!

  2. Rebecca,

    As a busy working mom, I take time to read, to write, to watch Cupcake Wars and to get an occasional pedicure. I like to spend all of my free time with my son since I'm away from him during the week, but those are definitely my guilty pleasures :)

  3. Rebecca,

    As a busy mom I like to read whenever I get the chance. Getting into a good book is a great escape that I can put down when I need to and go back to when I have time. I also spend most of my free time with my daughters and enjoy my time with them.

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    As a busy mom of three, I love to find the time for the occasional massage, pedicure or manicure. Any time I get together with friends is always great. After tucking the kids in to bed, I enjoy getting lost in a good book with a hot cup of tea. Sometimes the simple things are all you need:)

  5. Becky,
    As a busy mom, I try to allow myself at least a half hour each day to read something for my own enjoyment. I also enjoy a day out each year around my birthday with a great friend. On this day, we get to do whatever we feel like and it's wonderful!

  6. I think I need to work on this because I can't think of anything! Ithink I will make my goal to exercise because I really feel better when I do. So thirty minutes three times a week even if its just Pilate's or dancing with Ethan on the wii!

  7. I love to have a date night with my husband or a girls night out with friends from high school or the occasional gathering with my college friends across the state. On a little more regular basis, I love to read after the girls go to bed.

  8. ps...I love your blog and am in awe for how you find the time to do it!!

  9. As a relatively new mom, I'm still trying to figure out a good routine for all of us and not feel overwhelmed all the time. I am jealous of those of you that get to read and exercise. All things I used to take for granted! Now, I'm lucky if I get to find out what happens at the end of a paragraph! I do however, get to enjoy my first cup of coffee alone in the morning, usually while folding laundry, before I wake my beautiful girl up for her day!

  10. I am horribly addicted to "The Real Housewives of....." I don't care where. Watching these shows is a true escape and it reminds me that problems are not solved with money! These woman make me look sane! :)