Friday, January 6, 2012

Glitter, Hair, and Cheerios

Tonight I peeled Oliver's socks off his little sweaty feet to let his toes breath after a long day of being stuck in his shoes (that really are getting too small.)  I then sat him down and set him loose.  A little bit later, after he filled the house with the pitter-patter of those little bare feet, I scooped him up to smooch on him and swung his feet in the air.  It was then that I added "sweep" and "mop" to my Saturday morning list of things to do.  His sticky little feet were covered with red and blue glitter, Cheerio crumbs, and a few strands of my hair tangled in his little baby toes!  Yuck!.....Yup!  Glitter, hair, and Cheerios pretty much sums up life around here!

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