Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Sweet Claire Elizabeth

My daughter, Claire, now 3, has absolutely stolen my heart (and her daddy's heart too!) She is thoughtful, sweet, kind, soft-spoken, cooperative, considerate of others, and affectionate. I remember as a newborn when I would nurse her, her little hand would gently rub my back while she ate. It was such a sweet, caring gesture that showed me at that very young age how much she loved me! She tells me all the time that she has missed me - even if I have just taken a shower or run to the mailbox. She puckers her tiny pink lips and looks up at me waiting for me to kneel down and accept her precious kisses. She peeks through the slats of her crib at night as I am leaving her room and says in her quiet, gentle voice "I love you, Mommy!"
Hugh often harrasses Claire and she is getting old enough to give it right back to him! But despite their sibling bickering, they adore each other. One day last year, when we got home from the doctor's office, Claire said "Where's Hughie?" I reminded her that he was at school (it was only 1:00 in the afternoon.) She said "Oh, yeah. I miss him!" I know, too, when she wakes up from her nap here shortly, she will ask again where he is and will be anxious to see him when he gets home from baseball practice.
Our beautiful little girl - I felt like the luckiest mama on the planet the day she was born. I had a son and then finally a daughter. The little pink bundle with the soft skin and the bright blue eyes stole my heart right from the start. Each day I am amazed at the little lady she is growing into. Her curiosity about the world around her and the way she tries out new words she has just overheard one of us use...The way she stays right next to my side as I am struggling to get her baby brother out of the van each day when we get to school, and the way she cleans up her messes without being responsible! I love that she notices birds singing outside her bedroom window and gets my attention so I can listen too! She tugs at my heart each time she thanks me for making her dinner or handing her her blankie - things I would do any way! I love how she bends her knees and squats down to talk baby talk to the dog, Lucy, and how she calls her "Lu-Lu!" She is precious as she "mothers" her baby brother, acting as if she is years and years ahead of him rather than the actual 20 months older. My sweet Claire Elizabeth! What a doll God has blessed me with! I had always wanted a daughter but until I had my Claire Bear I didn't really know how special my little girl would be and how she would just fill up my heart! Thank you God, for Claire Elizabeth!

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