Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinkalicious Birthday Party

One of our daughter's favorite books is Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann so as her 3rd birthday was getting closer, it was no surprise that PINKALICIOUS!! is what she wanted! Leading up to that everything was pinkalicious - when we painted her toenails.."Ohhh, see my pinkalicious toes!".....and when we made cupcakes "Daddy, look at these pinkalicious cupcakes I made!"
I ordered a few Pinkalicious items from Birthday in a Box. I didn't order everything they had in the Pinkalicious collection because I wanted to supplement it with some more traditional pink, little girl decorations. I must admit, I went a little crazy at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby's 50% sales get me every time! I don't think they had much of anything pink left in their store after I checked out! I got paper lanterns in two different shades of pink, pink glittery flowers in a variety of pink shades, pink netting, and pink tulle. I also got hot pink latex balloons that had little white flowers on them and a couple Pinkalicious Mylar balloons, as well as a huge number 3 Mylar balloon.Add Image  I wish I had more pictures of the decorations but I guess I was so busy, I neglected to get those pics!

I made her cake to match the cupcakes in the story.  I used the Wilton cupcake cake pan.  I found it at T.J. Max for $12.00!  That was the cheapest I had ever seen it!  Yea, T.J. Max!  I put the cake on a small crystal cake stand my grandmother gave me a few years ago.  It was the perfect size for it! 

Every year for her birthday I put out the "Birthday Girl" frame with an up-to-date picture of Claire.  This was a 50% off find from Hobby Lobby!  The cupcake on the corner went perfectly with our theme this year!

Claire's outfit was something she chose.  It had three cupcakes along the bottom of the shirt.  Perfect for her 3rd birthday!  The cupcake necklace I ordered from Etsy with her name and a 3 on it.  Find it here. She loved it!
The birthday girl with her cake, cupcakes, and traditional dozen pink roses she gets
for her birthday from Mommy and Daddy every year.

Our special family friend, Grandma Carol did Claire's hair - an updo for her 3rd birthday party!

We read the story!  The grown-ups even enjoyed it!

The kids made magic wands with glitter paint and ribbon.  (I had purchased wooden stars and hot glued them on square wooden dowels ahead of time.) 

Claire and her friends and cousins work on their magic wands.

Claire's beautiful magic wand!

  We played a cupcake version of "Duck, Duck, Goose."  We called it "Frosting, Frosting, Sprinkles."  The kids rubbed their hand across the top of each person's head and said "frosting" and then when they said "sprinkles" they dumped a small cup of confetti on that person's head.  The person who got sprinkled then chased them!  It was so fun and the kids LOVED dumping the confetti and being the one to get dumped on!

Claire sprinkles her cousin, Nicholas!

  We also had a Pinklalicious prize buffet.  Each child got a Pinkalicious goody bag.  They then got to go through the pink prize buffet and fill their bag.  I got the glass containers for 50% off at Hobby Lobby and added a sparkly cupcake sticker to the top of each one for added pink decoration. 

The pink prizes included cotton candy Jelly Belly jellybeans, pink bubbles, pink candy sticks, pink cupcake shaped lipgloss, pink nailpolish, and PINK Sugarplum hand sanitizer (from Bath & Body Works).  It was truly pinkalicious!  (I provided alternative not so pinkish prizes for the boy cousins!)

The kids going through the Pinkalicious prize buffet!

It was so cute how the girls all wore pink too!  Claire had the time of her life!  She LOVED her party.  Such special memories for all of us!  And is there anything sweeter than a 3 year old girl??


  1. My girls loved this party! Especially the pinkalicious buffet!

  2. This is just the cutest best party ever!! I can just hear those little girls (and boys) giggling now. I am so impressed. HPS :)

  3. You have some awesome parties! I was so impressed at your Halloween party - and the kids loved it too! :)

  4. We did a Pinkalicious theme for my daughters 2nd birthday and it was such a hit! You did a great job. Thanks for linking with Sugar & Spice.

  5. You have given me some ideas, I was thinking about doing this theme for my daughters 2nd birthday in April, Wonderful job.

  6. Such a great party, I love it. I think our special girl will love it too. Also beautiful model you have!!!!

  7. Love your blog, the Pinkalicious Birthday Party will be perfect for later this year. Crafts always seem fun for the kiddies. Thanks for all you have posted to help us to have time to rest you have done most of the work of searching for what we might need for our parties. Thanks for this fantabulous giveaway