Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thank You, God

I've said before that sometimes Facebook really brings me down.  It is where I often hear sad news or are invited to join a "Pray for______" event.  I'm one of those people, that once I've read something about somebody, whether I know them or not, I ache for their struggles and am heartbroken for their loss.  I think about them (even strangers) throughout my day and fall asleep praying for them at night. Staying away from Facebook won't take away other people's hurt or even hide it from me.  Life is not easy.

Joining the blog world is similar.  I am drawn to reading people's blogs when I see an awesome craft idea or find a yummy new recipe to try.  Today though I came across a prayer request page on some one's blog.  I think that is AMAZING!!  Having a prayer request page is a wonderful idea.  I, of course, got drawn into the prayer requests on that page and ended up coming across some heartbreaking stuff - cancer, loss of a new baby, loss of a job....

I clicked back to my own blog and took a look at it!  Pink - with pictures of my three darling children!  Stories about my hectic life!  But, oh, what a great life!  I feel so humbled by God's grace toward me.  After struggling with infertility for many years and not knowing if I would ever be a mama, I now have 3 kids!  After being told our oldest son, Hugh born at 24 weeks gestation due to a placental abruption, would not survive but now having him healthy and strong and smart and active....again, I am humbled.

Thank you, God, for the gifts that you've given me. Thank you for my amazing husband who shares this crazy life with me.  Thank you for my three amazing sweethearts who wipe their noses on my shirt and call "mama" to me in the middle of the night.  Thank you that we are all healthy and safe and happy together and living in a beautiful home that meets all of our needs.  Thank you for our educations that led us to these jobs that we love that allow us to support our family.  Thank you that I have the privilege to pray for others. Thank you, God, for always knowing what I need better than I do!  Thank you for loving me and my husband and my children.  You are an amazing God!

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  1. Your son was born at 24 weeks? That gave me chills. How amazing that he survived. It's incredible what technology (and a little faith) can do!