Friday, January 20, 2012

Tulle and Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

I have been a little obsessed with making wreaths lately.  I made all of these in the past few months (and many more!)  I have used ribbon, fabric, paper, raffia, greenery, silk flowers, pages of a music book...and I have attached them to wire floral wreath forms, styrofoam wreaths, grapevine wreaths, embroidery hoops, straw wreaths, and evergreen wreaths!  I've done some traditional and some a little more...
well, shall we just say, different. 
 I have really tried to be thinking "outside of the box" with my wreath projects! 

This is a wreath I recently made for a 3 year old girl for her birthday!

Materials I used...

-green wire wreath
-white tulle
-purple tulle
-purple sparkly tulle
-6 different types of ribbon, all either purple or with purple in them
*NOTE:  This takes a lot of tulle and a lot of ribbon. Sorry I can't tell you exactly how much tulle I used,  but I used 6 different types of ribbon with 15 feet per spool so that's 90 feet of ribbon.  You can use more or less, whatever strikes your fancy!

How I did it...
I started with a green wire wreath that I purchased at Hobby Lobby in the floral department.  It cost $2.47. 

This is some of the tulle and ribbon I used.  Hobby Lobby - 50% off!

I started by cutting the white tulle and the purple tulle into 16 inch strips.  I then tied each strip in half in a double knot on the inside circle of the wreath.  After tying them, I then tucked them underneath the next two circles of wire.  I did this process one section at a time.

I continued it all the way around the wreath form.

I then did the same process with the sparkly purple tulle and added it here and there around the wreath to add sparkle to the other white and purple tulle.  Then I cut my ribbon into strips about 6 inches in length and tied those in knots on the inner two rungs that were still exposed.  I did this over and over until I had all of the green wire frame completely covered  in tulle and ribbon.

When I finished, I hung it up and used scissors to trim any uneven strips of tulle from around the outside.

I really like how it turned out.  I had never made a purple tulle wreath before and it was fun to see it come together with all the different types of ribbon I chose.  The sparkly purple tulle was a bit messy to work with but really added some shine to the wreath.   My own three-year-old LOVED it!


  1. Your wreaths are all darling! The tulle is gorgeous!

  2. I love the colors you chose for this wreath. My daughter would be in heaven!

    Thanks for linking up this week at creating home! :)

  3. can you use the slip knot instead of the double knot?

  4. This is awesome! I live in a retirement community and most everyone has something on the outside of their doors, most have wreaths. I know when my great-granddaughter sees it I will have to have one for her, too. Thanks for sharing!