Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Mantel: Family Love

My mantel looked a little sad after I took the Christmas decorations down and I saw lots of blogs with Valentine's Day decor going on so...I decided to give my mantel some love! 

I made the "LOVE" banner using old CDs.  (I receive sample CDs with parts of songs on them every now and then because I am a music teacher.)  I traced the CDs with a pink, red, and purple "I Love You" patterned paper I had in my scrapbooking stuff.  I traced the CD shape onto the paper, cut them out and used sticky tabs to adhere them to the CDs.  I used my Cricut to cut out the letters...

I used the Cindy Loo cartridge and I set it for the alphabet and then did LOVE in capital letters in 3 1/4 inch size.  I first cut out the letters with the "font" button on.  I cut those out of  hot pink paper.  Then I did the letters again using the "font layer" function on light pink paper.  So this is what I had...

I then attached the light pink to the hot pink for the layered look.
I then put a line of white tulle across the mantel and added the pink ribbon on top.  I then used Christmas tree ornament hooks to attach the CDs to the ribbon.  I stuck one end of the hook through the hole in the back of the CD and then twisted it tight and attached the other end of the hook through the ribbon and tulle. 

I had this 8x10 black frame but the backing was falling apart so I decided to repurpose it!  I removed the glass and the back. I then used natural colored string to attach the hearts. The hearts are foam and have a sticky back.  I removed the film revealing the sticky back to each heart then stuck the string on and attached a second heart to the first so the string was stuck between two hearts. I then attached each string to the back (top) of the frame using only Scotch tape. I used five hearts for the five members of our family!  I also added the cute little pink bird and the flowers in the corners.  These embellishments are both chipboard and are also self-adhesive.  They are from the company Top Line Creations (TLC.)  I also put three little battery operated tea-light candles behind the bottom of the frame so at night they illuminate the hearts.  (Sorry I didn't get a good picture of that!)

This a ribbon topiary that I made a couple months ago.  I will share directions for making a ribbon topiary on a post in the future.   I added another sticky heart (that looks like a Valentine conversation heart) to the bottom of the dowel.

I had the black FAMILY sign another place in the house and I sat it on mantel and added a few sparkly foam heart stickers to that too so it all tied together!

I then made the heart tissue paper wreath to hang on the mirror.  I will share the directions for that in the next post!  But look at this hot pink "ribbon" that the heart is hanging is not ribbon, it is HOT PINK DUCT TAPE!!  Isn't that awesome?!? 

I like how it turned out and I like how all together it says "Family Love."  I didn't spend any money on this mantel project.  It was all stuff I had around the house!  The kids always get so excited over any little holiday decorations!  My daughter Claire (3) saw it and said "Oh, mama!  You're an artist!"  Good enough for me!

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