Saturday, February 18, 2012

Girl Day

Claire and I had a "girl day" together last weekend.  We had wanted to have our special day on Saturday but we had a bit of a winter storm and the roads were very slippery.  We decided it would be better if we rescheduled.  Claire was so disappointed but we did our nails instead.  That made her happy.  We were able to go on our girl day on Sunday instead.

We did a little shopping and tried on Sunglasses. 
Claire and her baby doll, Rosabelle Elizabeth, got matching purses and matching pajamas.

Claire specifically requested a trip to Barnes & Noble on her special day.  The picture above is her and Rosabelle Elizabeth sitting in the children's reading area.  We bought a Strawberry Shortcake sticker/storybook which was our entertainment while we waited for lunch...

Claire said she wanted noodles for her special girl day lunch.  I took that to mean Olive Garden, of course.
Claire and Rosabelle were very patient waiting for a table.
Here they are with their new matching purses.

Claire was in charge of  the light-up buzzer while we waited.  She loved that job.

We got raspberry lemonade.  Claire LOVED having pink lemonade!

Our favorite stop was the children's museum.  Claire couldn't get there fast enough!

She milked the cow.

And she was super excited to see the wall of glasses in the optometrist area of the museum!

Water play is always a hit!  Here she is in the big bubble!

And the piano, of course...

She called me "darling" all day!  She was so sweet and happy the whole day.  Shopping, Barnes & Noble, Olive Garden, and the children's museum...everything you need for a special mama/daughter day together.
We also listened to Pinkalicious stories on CD on the way there and on the way home. 
At the end of the day she said "I had the best, best time today, mama! I love, love, love being with you!" She is such a sweetheart! Sometimes I still can't believe God picked me to be her mama! :)

Now I have a couple of little boys who are wondering when we are having our special mama/son days. 
 I guess I need to plan the next adventure! 

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