Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holding Hugh

Time is going by so fast.  Tonight I tried to rock-a-bye my 8 1/2 year old.  He does not fit on my lap and it was quite awkward - me trying to cradle him in my arms like I did when he was a baby.  But we had a few minutes, he was close by and ready for bed in his jammies, and I just needed to cuddle my first born. He humored me.  He snuggled in (the best he could) and smiled up at me while I sang him lullabies.  He now at 8 recognizes that I changed songs and nursery rhymes to include his name when he was little and now, the poor kid, doesn't  know how they REALLY go!  Tonight he asked me about that so I had to sing the songs the right way too.  If I closed my eyes and tilted my head back against the back of the rocking chair and the only sound was the creak of the rocking chair and my voice singing those songs...well, I could almost pretend he was still little.  (sob) 

Where did that time go?  Honestly, the blink of an eye...The other day he said "Hey, mom!  I noticed the new throw pillows you got for the couch.  Classy!"  He then winked at me and did a kind of clicking sound with his mouth and pointed to me like "way to go!"  A few mornings ago when we were all getting ready for school,  I sat Claire (3) in the recliner and set up her nebulizer so she could have her morning breathing treatment for her asthma before we left and she begged me to read her a story.  She had the book in her lap and was planning on me sitting with her.  Unfortunately, I was still in my pajamas and really needed to be getting ready for the day.  I felt sad to tell her "no" but I really didn't have time to sit down and read at that moment, but big brother, Hugh stepped in and said "I'll read it to you, Honey."  She gladly accepted her brother's offer and was delighted that he sat beside her and read her story to her.  Oh, to be their mother!  What a blessing!  I am so proud of Hugh.  So tonight, I just needed to reminisce about my first little boy and snuggle what "little boy" was left in him.  And, as I said, he humored me...mostly.  I was nudged back to reality when he began arching his head backwards to see the television and I kept trying to get him to keep cuddling.  He said "Mom! I'm trying to see the score of the game!"  Yup, my baby is growing up.  I want to hang on to every minute though.

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