Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Cupcake Liner Collection

I saw this idea on Pinterest recently and loved it.  My daughter Claire and I enjoy making cupcakes together so when we see cute or unique cupcake wrappers, we get them and save them for our next baking project.  I thought this was a colorful way to display the wrappers, and it is practical because you can see what you have.

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Here is my version....

I found this glass jar with the lid for under $10 at Walmart.  I almost got the smaller size but this one was only $2 more and so I decided to go bigger.  There is still room in the jar for more as we add to our collection.  Guess we'll have to head to Hobby Lobby! Oh, darn. I have the jar with our cupcake liner collection on top of one of our kitchen cabinets.  It is a fun, colorful addition to our kitchen!

See those cute cupcake liners?  Well, some of them I just got yesterday!
I found this great store about 30 miles from my house yesterday.  A friend had told me about it (thank you, Jess!)  She told me where it was located and that it had everything you could ever need for cake baking and decorating and candy making.  I had to check it out for myself.  We live an hour away from the city and have to travel to find anything, so discovering this store is a real treat!

The store was on a dirt road and was a little building built off the side of a home.  I couldn't believe it when I walked in.  She did have everything - candy molds, candy melts, tiers for wedding cakes in ALL sizes, cardboard pieces for cakes, cake pans in all different shapes, sizes, and themes, fancy birthday candles, cake toppers and plastic cake decorations, cake boxes, candy boxes, flavoring, cupcake wrappers, mini cupcake wrappers.....TONS of stuff.  I spent $23.00 and this is what I got...

  1. 9 packages of regular size cupcake liners in fun designs
  2. 4 packages of mini cupcake liners (the hot pink and shiny red are my favorite)
  3. 10 small white candy boxes
  4. 20 candy liner/box dividers
  5. 2 large candy cup molds
  6. a bag of 6 plastic horses (for Oliver, he was with me and went crazy when he found horses!)
  7. 1 small flower candy mold (free)
  8. 1 cake tester (free)

The owner also gave me a cake chart that includes how many cups of batter to use for the size cake you want to make, what temperature to have the oven set at and bake time based on the size of the cake, and what size cake will feed how many people.  She also included some recipes for different types of frosting.  I was delighted with all that I got for $23.00 and just as thrilled to have found such a hidden treasure on a dirt road next to a little old house out in the country! 

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