Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Tree

Claire Bear in front of her tree holding her Bitty Baby, Rosabelle Elizabeth!
Every year for Christmas I put up a special Christmas tree in each of my children's bedrooms.  They always look so forward to having their own special tree.  My daughter, Claire (3) always has a pink "Claire Bear" tree.  It is decorated with pink lights and pink ribbon that I had saved from her baby shower.  She also has pink and white bulbs with bears on them from her first trip to Bronner's in Frankenmuth.  She loves her Claire Bear tree and shows everyone who comes over.
This year she WOULD NOT LET ME TAKE THE TREE DOWN!!  Not only did she not allow me to take it down, but she insisted the lights be plugged in every evening too! And then it came to me...why don't I make it a Valentine's Day tree??

I took off all the Christmas decorations but left the pink lights.  I also left on this wide pink netted ribbon I got from Hobby Lobby.  I got out three glittery flowers (also from Hobby Lobby) that we had used to decorate for her Pinkalicious birthday party back in December.  (See here.)  I put the largest one at the top of the tree and the other two down lower.  This spray of hearts and red foil strips was a perfect topper for the tree. 

Now the easiest part of this whole thing was the hearts.  They are foam hearts with the peel off adhesive backing - large quanitity of them for $5.00 at Walmart several years ago (still using them!)  I just stuck them all over the tree.  We also put one white one in the middle of each pink flower. Claire helped!  She is completely delighted with her Valentine's Tree and has had every visitor at our house go to her bedroom to see it.  Super simple and made her SO happy! 

Here's my little princess in her Tinker Bell jammies in front of her tree!


  1. Oh that is such a cute idea!! I love it! I have a 3 year old little girl as well. She would LOVE if I did something like this! Thanks for sharing this as well at Thursday's Temptation.

  2. Awesome!! I saw you on Tater Tots and Jello. Would you please be willing to share this fabulous post with my readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?