Monday, March 5, 2012

March Excitement

March is a busy month!  March is National Music In Our Schools Month AND March is Reading Month AND March is National Craft Month!, reading, and crafts...all of my favorites!!  I have lots of good stuff planned for Sister-Dipity during the month of March including an AWESOME giveaway coming up in a couple of weeks!  Stay tuned! 

March is National Music In Our Schools Month.  As a music teacher, in the past, I have gotten students excited about music in our school by having special music assemblies and performances for each other.  We have also taken our musical talent and gone outside of our school to sing and play instruments at our local convalescent home.  In case you missed it, click HERE to see an earlier post about great children's music and where to get it!  Also, click HERE to see an earlier post about nurturing your child's love of music.   Below is a link to the National Music Education Association site that talks about MIOSM (Music In Our Schools Month.)

Our house is so completely filled with books.  We do not say "no" very often when it comes to books.  All three of our children love to be read to and our son, Hugh loves to read to his younger brother and sister.  In case you missed it, click HERE to see an earlier post of Claire's (age 3) favorite books.  I will also be posting Oliver's (age 18 months) favorite books very soon and Hugh's (age 8) favorite books next week.  Below is a link to the Leap Frog site which has a really nice feature on beginning reading skills to work on with your toddler or preschooler.

Oh, my goodness!  National Craft Month!  I love it!  I plan to celebrate by trying some new crafts I have been gathering materials for including a yarn and felt wreath, a St. Patty's Day tulle wreath, and an edible wreath (yes, I said edible!)  I am also going to use this month to become more deliberate in planning crafts for my children.  They LOVE to do projects and I just don't feel like I take the time to let them be creative as often as I should.  My goal is to make time for crafts with them this month!
Below is a link that takes you to site filled with family craft ideas using many different materials.  You are sure to find something fun to do...

As I said before...stay tuned!  Keep checking in with Sister-Dipity because I have a wonderful giveaway planned for the last week of March that I am SO excited about!  If you are a mother or a crafter or both you will be excited too! 

Happy March!

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