Friday, March 16, 2012

My To Do List...

Wow!  What a week!  It is Friday and I am feeling so frazzled and worn out from this hectic week. 

Last week I twisted my ankle and am still recovering. A quick trip to the ER for x-rays confirmed it was just a sprain and not a break, thank goodness. A week later though, and it is still quite sore.  So all of my running around being a busy mom has been a bit more difficult this week because every step is painful.  No time for mom to be down though!

So, even though it is Friday, I am still feeling so overwhelmed (and achy).  It always helps to write it down so here I go.  My to do list and the things that are weighing heavy on my mind today...

-pick up Hugh's homework
-make tulle St. Patty's Day wreath
-deliver wreath
-make 24 chocolate baseball cake balls
-put money in all 3 kids' lunch accounts
-finish decorating door at school for reading month
-make 3 welcome banners for visiting author next week
-clean up classroom
-finish lesson plans
-email lesson plans
-make reservations and send checks to inn we are staying at in a few weeks
-lose 30 pounds
-clean up kitchen, dining room table, kids' bedrooms, our bedroom
-scrub toilets
-sort out kids' clothes and pack away clothes that are too small
-pick up glasses and order contacts at eye doctor
-pay bills
-sign computer lab out for 3rd and 4th graders for next week
-verify sister is taking care of Oliver tomorrow
-hang Claire's dress up to dry for princess luncheon tomorrow
-order gift card for mother-in-law
-check for coupons for Carter's
-nap - no probably not
-rehang students' art that has fallen off the wall
-download photos and send to photographer for school yearbook
-refill prescription
-refill Claire's prescription
-organize 2011 pictures
-clean out van
-return crutches
-deliver 31 orders to rest of people
-schedule photo session for Claire and Oliver, Hugh too? IDK
-steam clean bedroom carpets - who borrowed the steam cleaner last?
-fold and put away clean laundry
-put time off request in computer for Claire's asthma specialist appointment coming up
-order gift for friend
-check on 31 order specials
-return Hugh's library books
-put princess luncheon tickets in my purse for tomorrow
-send Cherie's address to Tracey
-clean up deck
-get out patio furniture
-clean out front walk flower bed
-clean out and reorganize storage room and pantry
-sort out and organize stuff for mom-to-mom sale
-sign up for mom-to-mom sale
-find planner
-make pink bunny peeps vase of eggs
-email necklace lady about giveaway item

And see the random thoughts?  My thoughts are just jumping all over the place! The items in red are the ones I insist must be done today! I look at this list and feel so overwhelmed that I just think I don't want to do any of it and I should just go to bed.  Ugh...Well, TGIF!

UPDATE:  It is now Monday and I am not feeling as overwhelmed and as you can see I did get many things crossed off my list!  Being the crazy list lady that I am, I have now started another list for this week.  Like I said though, I am not as stressed!  (At least, not at the moment!)

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  1. I think that on the day that neither of us has a to do list anymore, we should celebrate. Are you available in 2037???