Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oliver's Recommended Reads

This is my son, Oliver.  He is 18 months old and LOVES books.  I love this age!  He picks up a book and then backs up to sit down in our laps.  He is happy to have mommy, daddy, or big brother read to him.  I also find him sitting in the middle of the floor flipping through books on his own.  I love how he finds a book and just flops right down where he is - kitchen floor or living room floor, it doesn't matter!  I thought I would share some of his favorites with you.  You can click on the cover of each book featured, and you will be taken straight to Amazon.com where you can conveniently add the book to your cart!

Baby Einstein always has great stuff!  This book is one Oliver brings to me a lot.  He loves looking at the animals (the duck is his favorite) and he points and says the animal sounds.  I like how there is a combination of illustrations and photographs.  The bright colors are fun and the book is a good, solid board book - just right for this age!

Puppies and Kittens (BABY TOUCH & FEEL)
These sweet pictures of puppies and kitties along with the touch and feel aspect make this a favorite book too.  The photographs are precious and the book is just the right size for little hands.

That's Not My Tractor... (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books)
Oliver loves tractors and trucks right now.  This book is right down his ally.  The pattern of the text is predictable so little ones catch on right away and can complete the sentences as you read.  The different textures of the touch and feel pages make it fun.  The Usborne book people know exactly what kids will like and what is developmentally appropriate reading material for little ones.  Usborne always has great books for children!

It is nearly spring but I couldn't bring myself to pack this book away in my fall tub.  Oliver loves this book.  He requests this quite often.  This one too is a touch and feel as well as a lift-the-flap book.  The bright colors, shiny apples, and simple text make it a toddler favorite! (Little Scholastic also has this same type of book for the other seasons.  I have the Spring one in my Amazon.com cart right now!  I think Oliver needs that one too!)
This book is so clever!  The little deer in the middle of the cover is a finger puppet.  You can put your finger in it through the back cover of the book and move the little puppet as you read.  I love the nature aspect of the book.  The colors are beautiful and the theme of family comes out at the end of the story.  There are other books by this same author, Sara Gillingham, including "In My Pond," "In My Nest, " "In My Den," "In My Tree"...each book features a different animal finger puppet.   

This touch and feel book has real photos of farm animals with touch and feel patches throughout.  Oliver has fun pointing to the pictures and saying the animal sounds.  He also loves "petting" the animals, especially the horse!

The Ollie books by Olivier Dunrea are just precious. We especially enjoy them since we call our Oliver, "Ollie."  This author/illustrator knows children so well and the sweet illustrations along with the simple text truly capture the spirit of a toddler. 
 Green Start: In the Garden
Have you seen these books made of 99% recycled material?  This has always been one of Claire's favorite books and is now one of Oliver's favorites as well.  They love to identify the different fruits and vegetables and talk about which ones are their favorites.  We also talk about which ones daddy grows in our garden.  This text is repetitive and little ones can catch on quickly and read it themselves.  I like the natural look and feel of the book and the fact that one of their favorite books encourages healthy eating habits!  There are others in this series.  Check them out!

What books does your toddler love?  I'd love to hear from you.  I'm always on the look-out for new books for our family! 

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