Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break To-Do List...

We are officially on spring break now until April 10th!  At this moment, I am mostly looking forward to getting some extra sleep!  After I've rested a bit I'll be ready to start my spring cleaning and my spring break projects.  This is my spring break to do list...

-install new floor in hall bathroom
-install new floor in Claire's bedroom
-take kids to butterfly garden
-Claire's tea party with grandma
-night away with Ryan
-sort Oliver's clothes
-pack away what he's outgrown
-sort Claire's clothes
-pack away what she's outgrown
-get stuff ready for mom-to-mom sale
-sort and organize photos from 2011
-mop all floors
-get Ryan's mom's birthday gift
-reorganize my closet
-give dog a bath
-make dog's vet appointment

Hoping there is enough time during our break to get this all done and have time to relax.  Some of these projects are HUGE tasks.  I think I can, I think I can...

Unfortunately, we are all wearing our winter coats again today as our vacation is just beginning when last week we all had on t-shirts and flip flops.  Oh, well.  Maybe next week will be warmer again!

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