Friday, April 13, 2012

My Scrapbook Getaway Weekend

This weekend, my friend, Kathy and I are going here...

                                                                                for a scrapbook retreat weekend.

This place, Angie's On the Grand, has a scrapbook weekend package that includes all meals plus snacks, 2 nights stay, 24 hour access to a scrapbook room where you can have all your stuff laid out for the whole weekend, use of a Cricut machine and lots of cartridges (so you don't have to haul your own), pool and hot tub. When we arrive we can also sign up for different spa services for Saturday. Also, a 5 minute drive to an outlet mall. Doesn't it sound lovely?

I have not really scrapbooked much since before my daughter was born three years ago.  I used to scrapbook A LOT!  I was so excited when we made these plans last month...An entire weekend of MOMMY TIME with scrapbooking, massage, manicure, pedicure, and some shopping (of course)....someone else to make my meals and clean them up....the opportunity to sleep alone with no one calling to me in the middle of the night...two mornings I can sleep in if I want...ahhh! I can't think of anything better!

The only problem is I can't seem to find time to get anything ready to go! I am not organized at all. I did make a trip to Hobby Lobby last week and got lots of paper and embellishments on sale, and I did order this (in blue)....

from  I ordered it 2 years ago and it is still in the package.  Pathetic, huh?  As I began gathering my scrapbook materials for this excursion, I realized I continuously upload pictures from my camera to my computer, but rarely have them printed.  Soooo...I have been frantically uploading pictures to the Wal-mart site and will be picking up 1000+ photos before I get on the road for my getaway weekend. Ugh..TOTALLY UNORGANIZED!!

The other night after I put the kids to bed, I went downstairs to my scrapbook area and tried to begin getting things ready to take.  I was not even all the way down the stairs when the baby began crying, I heard my oldest get out of bed for the third time, and my husband was at the top of the stairs saying "Hon, Hon??  Will you proofread this article for me?"  And then the doorbell rang - the Schwan's lady.  That all happened within 10 minutes and it was almost 9:00 p.m.  After dealing with all of that, I had myself a little pity party wondering why in the world I thought I could get away for a weekend when I couldn't even get down the stairs for a few minutes!  It was all too exhausting and I went to bed. 

Before kids, I used to scrapbook everything.  Now, when I have three adorable kids doing amazing things every day that I am able to capture on my very nice camera, I do not have time to scrapbook.  So, the guilt sets in.  Just lots of files on the computer of pictures of their childhood. Blah. Boring.  I envision my great-great grandchildren cuddling up on the couch by a cozy fireplace looking through all my scrapbook masterpieces, talking about the good 'ol days (and how creative great great grandma was.)  Not clicking through files on the computer - or whatever technology will be by then.
In struggling to find time to get ready to scrapbook away from home, I stopped myself and decided I needed to consider what my goals were with this getaway weekend. 

Goal #1.  I want to create a beautiful scrapbook for my family to enjoy with our pictures organized.
Goal #2.  I want to relax and have fun with my friend, Kathy. 
Goal #3.  I want some sleep.

While reflecting on my three main goals here, I decided I needed to let myself off the hook and plan to do simple scrapbook layouts - no time-consuming, detailed pages with tons of artistic flair. The nice thing about this album I bought is that I was able to get these inserts...
12 x 12 Sheet Protector with White Paper Inserts                                               12x12 4x6 Pocket Pages
These hold a regular 12x12 page.............and these hold just regular 4x6 photos.
So I can scrapbook some things and then in and amongst the scrapbook layouts, I can add these pages with more 4x6 pictures.  So I don't HAVE to scrapbook everything - just the events that are special or the pictures that inspire some creative layout idea. 

I'm also excited about this...
12x12 Fold-Out Sheet Protector Pages Set of 6

This is a 12x12 layout that unfolds so you can have (4) 12x12 pages laid out all together. 

So in getting ready to leave this is what I packed...

  • scissors
  • paper cutter
  • 1000+ photos of the past year
  • my new scrapbook album
  • lots of page inserts in the three different styles
  • all the 12x12 paper I own (TONS of it! I love paper.)
  • a variety of adhesives
  • my corner rounder
  • 3 big bags of more paper, stickers, letters, and other embellishments I recently purchased
  • toothbrush
  • pajamas
  • contacts and glasses for whatever my mood happens to be
  • comfy clothes
  • flip flops
  • Diet Coke
  • camera (of course)
  • cell phone

 Okay, so all of this is just thrown in bags.  Like I said, totally unorganized, not at all what I envisioned when we made the reservations.  At least we are going.  When I get there I will just have to spend the first few hours organizing and categorizing everything.  That alone will be a huge improvement over what I have (or don't have) now. 

So all that's left is the guilt.  More mommy guilt.  I have never been away from my little Oliver for more than one night.  And while, I really want to enjoy a meal where I don't have to cut up any one's food for them, I will miss them all so terribly.  I know my husband can hold down the fort but it is my nature to worry, and I know I will call more than he thinks I need to.  Hopefully I come back rested, refreshed, glowing from all the creativity I exude throughout the weekend while carrying in a beautiful family album to share with all of them...cozy together on the couch, by the fireplace!


  1. Totally jealous! That sounds amazing. I still have to finish my daughters scrapbook of her first year and she will be 18 months in May. Have a wonderful time! You deserve it!

    1. Thanks! My oldest child is almost 9 and I have four albums done for him from just the first 2 years. My other two babies...nothing! Well, that's not entirely true - a couple digital scrapbooks of special events and a couple small, fun scrapbooks. Certainly not like my pre-kid days! Thanks for reading! I just became a follower of yours too! :)

    2. Melanie here! I absolutely loved this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog :) MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com