Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Life on Boppa's Farm

This precious little calf was born on Boppa and Grandma Beth's farm last Friday, April 20.  When Hugh found out he had to rush right over.

In celebration of the birth, Boppa and Grandma Beth invited Hugh and his cousins to have a boy cousins' sleepover!  (Actually, I'm not entirely sure if they invited them or if the boys just invited themselves!)

This is the new baby with his mama and his auntie!
The boys named the new baby calf, Stormy because he was born during a rain storm.

Here is Hugh with Stormy and Stormy's mom!

Oliver was very excited about the new baby cow and pointed and babbled telling us all about it!

Claire was interested but didn't want to get too close.
Boppa held her up to see.

Here she is "mooing" to the cows!

Isn't he precious?  New life is so amazing! Such a miracle!

I think these three little miracles are pretty amazing too!

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