Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Easter Memories

We had such a great Easter this year.  The weather was nice and the kids are at an age that everything is just so exciting! I took over 200 pictures of our Easter festivities this year...I know, crazy, huh?  I had a hard time deciding which pictures to share here but my computer made the decision for me because it refused to upload any more!

Some Easter decor...
A bushel basket of Easter grass and plastic eggs brightened our porch and greeted guests!

I made this tulle rosette wreath a few weeks before Easter and attached it to our porch rocking chair.  I thought it looked like spring flowers or even Easter eggs. See HERE for the tutorial.

This old bunny pulling the cart was an Easter decoration that belonged to Ryan's grandmother.  Our son, Hugh, claimed it after she passed away and he loves getting it out every year.  See HERE to see how I made the carrots that are in the cart.

A small but meaningful reminder of the Easter holiday.  See HERE for tutorial.

This is a bare tree branch that I stuck in a plant.  In February it held hearts - See HERE - and for spring I added natural colored speckled eggs. 
Okay - at first glance you're probably wondering about my decorating ability and taste, right?  Well, I actually love this!  My son, Hugh (8), "helped" with the Easter decorating and insisted on doing the mantel himself.  I love that he got so into it.  Do you notice the Scotch tape holding up the garden flag on the mirror?  Love it! 

This bunny was a gift from one of my students 9 years ago when I was on bedrest, pregnant with Hugh.  She brought it to me in an Easter basket when she came to visit.  The basket became Hugh's Easter basket and still is!

Hugh and I made this little decoration - green shredded paper with pink bunny Peeps all around the sides, more grass on top and eggs on top of that.  We also added Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit peeking out of the top.

We did the same sort of decoration here but used three little ceramic bunnies to represent our three kids!
My sister gave Hugh this little dog with the bunny ears several years ago.  She chose this dog for him because he looks like the dog we used to have, Lincoln.  Lincoln and Hugh were best buds and though Lincoln has been gone for almost two years, Hugh still misses him and talks about him daily. This little dog is very meaningful to him.
I love displaying the kids' art projects from school during the holidays. Here we have a little duck basket that Hugh made with real colored eggs in it and a tissue paper egg that Claire made in preschool. I know they feel extra special having their own work as part of our holiday decor.

An Easter picnic lunch on the deck...

I had seen this idea on Pinterest and decided to do it for the kids for lunch on the Saturday before Easter.  I filled two egg carton with plastic eggs with a different food in each egg.  I then just handed each of them the closed egg carton and said "Here's your lunch."  They were amused and intrigued! They sat on a beach towel on the deck and opened each egg transferring the contents onto an egg plate.  They both were so excited to see what was in each egg.

This is what was in the eggs...
1. Goldfish crackers
2. grapes
3. chopped ham
4. Teddy Grahams
5. chunks of cheese
6. kiwi
7. small carrots
8. chunks of apple
9. fruit snacks
10. strawberries
11. raisins
12. 1 hard boiled egg

Claire has been asking since February to have lunch on the deck so this was an extra special lunch for her!

An Easter Treat...

This is like magic cookie bars except you use a white cake mix and Oreos for the crust and coconut M & Ms for the top.  I have looked everywhere and can't find this recipe.  I don't know what I did with it or where I found it online to begin with.  When I find it, I will share it! Let me just say, it was YUMMY! Very rich and filling, but oh, so good!
Fun with Cousins...

The kids and their cousins got matching t-shirts from grandma.  The backs said "Cousins' Club" and the kids each got to decorate the front themselves with fabric markers and iron-on patches. I think these pictures turned out great!  I can't believe we were able to get them to pose so well!

My handsome husband giving smooches to our darling little boy.  I love these men!

Coloring Easter eggs together.
The kids were so excited to find their baskets.  Here they are looking at all of Oliver's goodies!
Easter Morning at Church...

Claire and baby cousin, Adalena with their Easter bonnets from Grandma Beth.
Hugh got Diary of a Wimpy Kid and did not put it down until he had finished the whole book!

We all enjoyed our traditional sunrise breakfast at church before the service. 

Baby Adalena's first Easter!
Hugh and Claire were in the Easter program at church.  I was so incredibly proud of Hugh. 
He said his part just perfect!
Claire and cousin, Nicholas during the Easter program.  They were in charge of holding the S and the T in EASTER!
So glad I bought those pretty new shoes to wear on Easter morning! 
She went barefoot the whole time!

The Easter bunny brought Claire these new Hello Kitty sunglasses. 
Perfect with her Easter bonnet, huh?

Easter Sayings

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  1. I love this ! So much fun stuff! I really like the Easter egg picnic! The cousins shirts are great - hard to believe how fast they are all growing!