Friday, April 27, 2012

Super Why Birthday Party

I have two younger sisters, Cherie and Julie.  Together, the three of us have 6 children and 5 of the 6 children have summer birthdays! (My poor little Claire is all alone with a birthday in December!)  This time of year, we get in birthday-planning mode!  I LOVE to plan birthday parties for the kids! 

As we look forward to the summer birthdays, I can't help but reminisce about past birthdays.  I thought I'd share my nephew, Nicholas' Super Why birthday he had last summer!

The invitations came from HERE.

Since the children's television show, Super Why is all about being "Super Readers" my sister, Cherie had lots of alphabet and reading related details included in the decorations, food, activities, and party favors.

I made the cupcakes for the party.  I made four different kinds:  chocolate, strawberry, lemon, and chocolate chip cookie cupcakes. It was fun to have a variety for guests to choose from and it made for a pretty cupcake table too!  In the photo above, you can see we put some of the strawberry cupcakes with the red sugared edges into the shape of a question mark to go along with the Super Why theme.

The party favors for the guests were these cute yellow bags filled with reading goodies - Super Why bookmarks, Super Why coloring pages, and baggies of Scrabble Jr. Cheez-Its.
Find Super Why printables HERE.

Each child had a Jello jiggler of their first initial on their plate.

Here is the super reader birthday boy! 3 years old!  Isn't three such a fun age? I love the cape flying out from behind him!

The birthday banner behind him is something I made for him for his first birthday.  I made a different one for all of our kids and we hang them at their birthday every year. On the back of each letter we put a birthday picture of them.  So on the H is a picture of him at 1, the A is a picture of him at 2, and so on. 

My sister made each child a Super Why personalized super hero cape to wear for the party.  She used blue plastic tablecloths and elastic.  She added each child's name to the logo on the computer and printed them off.  She then taped them on with clear book tape.  Aren't they adorable?  The kids LOVED them!  Every one ran around yelling "Super Readers to the Rescue!"

We bounced balloons on the parachute (while wearing our super hero capes, of course!)
The parachute is always a big hit!

One of the funnest activities was the secret message the kids had to figure out. First they had to hunt around the yard to find letters.  They found them in trees, on the swing set, and in flower beds. They were given a large piece of foam board with lines for three words on it.  Each word only had one letter in it though.  The older kids then had to use the letters they found to decode the message and read it to the younger kids.

They all LOVED the message!

Here is our little Nicholas blowing out his three candles!  I love the chubby cheeks here! Just wanna kiss them!

All 6 cousins together!  Notice Baby Addie - the pink bundle in the middle with the tiny foot sticking out?!?  She was brand new here!  Brand new and at a birthday party three weeks before her due date! 

The birthday boy snuggling his new baby cousin!

And here are my boys!  They are my super heroes!

Nicholas' birthday is coming up again in June.  The time seems to go by so fast!  I asked my sister recently what kind of party we were going to be working on for him this year.  She kind of rolled her eyes and said "Well, he wants a Super Why party again!"  He still remembers what a special day that was and can't imagine anything more wonderful! Planning birthday parties is one of my most favorite jobs as a mama! 


  1. Beautiful party!!! I am throwing a super why party for my son's 1st birthday and I wanted to print out the party bag labels you posted but I cant find them. Can u help me find them?? And also the water bottle labels if you did those as well? Thank you, Janine

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