Monday, April 23, 2012

A Visit to the Butterfly Garden

During spring break, my sister and I took our children to the butterfly exhibit about an hour and half from home.  We do this every year and the kids always look forward to it!  It is funny because some years the kids can be in shorts and t-shirts and some years there is snow on the ground.  This year was inbetween - a beautiful spring day, cool but sunny!  The sweatshirts were on and off and on again all day. 

This is our annual picture by the waterfall at the gardens. Unfortunately, this time my Claire wasn't really in the mood for a group picture and she kept walking away while we were trying to pose them.

This is last year's picture by the waterfall...

Boy, does time fly!

The kids pretty much ran everywhere we went! We always have lots of energy to burn so that worked out fine!

Hugh and his cousin, Jake are always on the lookout for good climbing trees.

The grounds at the garden are gorgeous with something new to see at different times during the spring and summer months.  Hugh is always daring himself to get just a little bit closer to the little rivers and streams.  The smile here is a mischievious- do you think I can make it across- picture!

My little Oliver did lots of pointing that day!  So much to see!  He would point and say "this, this" at everything! He is at a fun age!

Claire and cousin, Nicholas (both 3) were so intrigued with the butterflies.
Nicholas was much braver than Claire who just wanted to see them from a distance. 

Nicholas had one land on his hand.

Hugh, The Butterfly Whisperer, is always able to befriend the little creatures!

This butterfly just planted itself on Oliver's shoulder!  It was actually a good spot for it to land because it was safe from his busy little hands! 

Me and my babies - Oliver (19 months), Claire (3), and Hugh (8 1/2).

My sister, Cherie, and her kids - Jacob (7 1/2) and Nicholas (3 1/2) and showing it!!

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