Friday, May 11, 2012

2 Dimensional Paper Flowers - Craft for Kids or Moms

I found this simple flower pattern (below) online.  Click on the picture to get to the site.  I printed out a full page copy of the flower onto regular copy paper. 

flower themed coloring book pages

Using a copy machine, I made two more copies of the picture but shrank them so I had three different size flowers. I then cut them out to use as patterns.

I love the scrapbook paper from K&C Company.  It is a heavy, 2-sided scrapbook paper with gorgeous patterns on each page. 

Using the patterns I made,  I cut out 1 large, 2 medium, and 2 small flowers from the K&C Company scrapbook paper pad.  The 2-sided paper has a different pattern on each side.

Side A

Using a glue stick I glued a medium flower onto the middle of the large flower.  I then glued the smallest flower to the middle of the medium flower.  I then gently folded up the petals on the medium and small flower to give them more dimension.  I used glue dots to add a coordinating button to the middle of the small flower.

I did these steps for both sides of the flower.

Side B

I love how mine turned out.  As I said, the double sided scrapbook paper is just gorgeous.  Bending the petals a bit gives it the 2D look and makes it "pop" off from the largest flower. 

I added fishing line to mine.  These would be pretty used for a decoration for a summer party and would be pretty hanging from the top of a porch or deck.  They would also be great decorations for a bridal shower or baby shower.

I made these (above photo and picture at beginning of post) with my kindergarten students.  We used plain colored construction paper.  I had my classroom mom helper run copies of the flower pattern of the three different sized flowers onto a variety of colored paper.  I then let the children choose which colors they wanted to use.  It was good practice following directions and cutting on the lines.  The kindergarteners also chose either a button or a fuzzy pom for the middle of each side of the flower.  We stapled each flower to about 10-12 inches of green crepe paper and hung them from the ceiling of our hallway outside the classroom. We have received TONS of compliments on them!  They are so springy and cheery!  

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