Monday, May 21, 2012

Addie K. - Our Mackinac Island Miracle

A year ago today was a very special day.  It was excitement and fear all rolled into one for our family. 
My younger sister, Julie and her husband Andrew were celebrating their two year wedding anniversary.  Andrew surprised Julie with an anniversary trip to Mackinac Island.  Julie was 32 weeks pregnant with their first baby.
Here is Julie on the island the evening of May 20, 2011.  She wasn't feeling well.

The next morning, Julie rolled over in bed (in her Mackinac Island hotel room) and her water broke.
She and Andrew debated how to handle it and what they should do first.  They considered just getting off the island, but then decided to seek help at the medical building on the island.
They knocked and rang the buzzer until they got some one's attention. The Mackinac medical staff immediately took over and made the decisions for them.

They were planning to flight care Julie off the island to Petosky.  However, plans quickly changed and they ambulanced her off the island and straight to Traverse City Hospital.  I talked to Julie on her cell phone during her ride to the hospital.  It was awful to talk to my little sister who was nervous, in labor, and with her husband following along behind the ambulance.  I could hear the siren from the ambulance through the cell phone.  They made it to the hospital in time (Andrew too) and Adalena Kathleen was born 1 hour later.

Addie weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces and was 17 1/2 inches long. She was doing very well despite her dramatic entrance into the world.  Julie's nurse told our mom "Well, that is an awfully nice souvenir from Mackinac Island!"

Sweet little Addie did as most preemies do, and would make huge progress then have a set back.  However, her Neonatal Intensive Care stay was only a couple weeks long.

She did awesome!  We were all praying for her and cheering for her!

We all fell in love with her right from the start - I'm sure you can see why!!

At last Addie K. got to go home with her mama and daddy!

There's no better feeling than bringing your baby home!

We were all so excited to meet little Addie.

She is just a dolly and we love her to pieces!


This is Addie with her mama and daddy this past weekend at her 1st birthday party!

Every baby is a miracle - a gift from God, but we think Addie is EXTRA special!  She is our Mackinac Island Miracle!  We praise God that he watched over her and her mama and daddy that day and that despite the anxiety it caused us all, she made a safe entrance into the world!

I am so excited to share her birthday party with you!  I will post more about Addie and her party tomorrow! 

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