Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Family Summer Bucket Lists

We are all very excited tonight because tomorrow is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!  Yay!!! With Ryan and I both being teachers, (and neither of us taking classes this summer) we have an entire three months devoted to family time!  We don't waste the time either.  Our summers are always crammed full of family fun - one thing after another!  I asked the kids (and Daddy too) to tell me what was on their summer bucket list and this is what we've got.....

(The pictures were taken last summer.)

Hugh's Summer Bucket List (almost 9 years old)
Visit Octagon Barn
Church Camp (1st time ever!)
Spend Week at Grandma & Grandpa's house
Strawberry & blueberry picking
Go to Chillermania

Claire's Summer Bucket List (3 1/2 Years Old)
Tea Party with Grandma
Take dancing lessons
Strawberry & blueberry picking
Make cupcakes with mama
See fireworks

Oliver's Summer Bucket List (21 Months Old)
Boppa's Horsies (see grandpa's horses)
A-num-a-nee for Boppa's Horsies (feed grandpa's horses)
Boppa's Truck (ride in grandpa's truck...anywhere!)

Mama's Summer Bucket List (Very Old)
Learn to use my sewing machine better
Visit nearby lavender farm
Make cupcakes with Claire
Read some books
New roof
New floors in kids' rooms
Repaint/redecorate boys' room
Scrapbook get-away weekend
Go to farmer's market often
Campfires and wine with my husband after kids have gone to bed

Daddy's Summer Bucket List (Even Older)
Father/Son camping with Hugh
New roof
New floors in kids' bedrooms
Attend baseball games
Work on garden

I will miss my students but I am really looking forward to concentrating on just my own three kiddos for the next three months!  We are so blessed to have summers with everyone at home.  Stay tuned to Sister-Dipity to read about our summer adventures!


  1. If you guys ever end up going to the Detroit zoo let us know we are only a mile away from it.

  2. Yay for last days of school! I remember the last day as a teacher being so bittersweet. I loved the fact that I would have more time at home, but dreaded saying goodbye to my sweet class. Hope your family has an amazing summer! Looking forward to reading of your adventures. I followed you back :)