Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pink John Deere 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated my niece's first birthday this past weekend with a pink John Deere party at Grandma & Boppa's house.  The theme colors were adorable: pink, green, and yellow. The party supplies came from Birthday Express.  To read Addie's exciting birth story, click HERE!

Having four boy cousins who are little farmers themselves, Addie knows all about John Deere.
They all wanted to pose on Boppa's lawn mower!  This was much easier and safer than a picture on the big tractor at the barn! 

Not easy getting a good photo with six little ones!

Oh, dear!  Well you know how the song goes "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want to..."

The kid's table with the guest of honor at the "head" of the table!

She loved her birthday dinner including two of her favorites - macaroni and cheese and baked beans!

Addie's daddy - her biggest fan!

I LOVE this picture.  It looks so 1 year old-ish!  The perfect 1st birthday picture!

Addie was truly delighted with her gifts - the wrapping and the gifts themselves.

Her mommy and daddy helped her open her gifts. 

Claire was so excited to show Baby Addie that she got her a dress that matches hers!

See this precious pillowcase dress?  Addie's mama ordered it from this Etsy shop.  Pink and green John Deere with polka dots - what could be better?

Aunt Cherie, Uncle Danny, and cousins Jake and Nicky got her this adorable pink and yellow John Deere rider.  She can't make it go quite yet but she LOVED sitting on it!

Addie's mama (my sister, Julie) made her cake.  Isn't it adorable?

Happy Birthday, Dear Addie!

Look at the inside of the cake.  Isn't that cool? 

Addie loved her birthday cake. 

Grandma Beth made these huge tissue paper flowers and hung them from the trees in the yard where we had the party.  The pink of the flowers with the green leaves as a backdrop worked perfect for the green and pink party color scheme!

All the cousins (L to R) Hugh (almost 9), Jake (7), Nicholas (almost 4), Claire (3 1/2), Oliver (1 1/2)and Addie (1) - Aren't they great?  We are so blessed! Not easy to get a shot like this.  I took about 47 pictures and this was the closest I could get to all of them looking and smiling.

Notice the pink and purple birthday banner behind them?  I made it and will show you how! I will post a tutorial tomorrow. 

Oliver and Addie enjoyed comparing their John Deere rides. 

"How many cylinders you got in that tractor?"

What is it about balloons?  They are always the highlight of the party!

I used a black picture frame with a white mat and then included pink polka dot paper, a smaller white mat, and part of Addie's birthday invitation to create this picture for everyone to sign.  I also put a John Deere tractor cut-out on the corner for an added embellishment!

Addie with her mama and daddy! Isn't she a dolly?


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  1. It looked so cute!! Love the girl John Deere theme! Wouldn't have thought of that.


  2. How nice! I guess you all had a great time! Looking forward to seeing these pictures on your personalized photo books.i would love too see few more blogs from your side.view more

    thanks & keep sharing