Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teacher Gift Ideas

Our school year is over at the end of this week so I thought I'd share some teacher gift ideas.  Being a teacher myself, I have received lots of goodies over the years from students.  I asked some of my teacher friends and colleagues to share some of their favorite gifts from students. Here is what they had to say...

Tracey, a kindergarten teacher...
"One of my favorite gifts came from a little boy named Owen. He made a bookmark out of a piece of ribbon with a button hot glued to each end. I used it every day in my Junie B. book and thought of him when I took it out. Wish I could give you a picture but it got thrown up on last winter! I always think the best gifts are made by or picked out by the child. They are always SO excited about what they are giving and to me that's the best part!"

Amy, a high school teacher...
"The best present any student can give me is a card. I have kept every single hand written card that I have received from my students. Many come a year or so after graduation, but they are absolutely priceless to me."

Susie, a kindergarten teacher...
"One of my favorite presents was a round plastic canvas coaster that a 4 yr old girl made for me one of the first years I taught. Libby is now a freshman in high school. That coaster has sat on my desk every year since."

Cherie, a second grade teacher...
"I have received hanging plants or potted plants numerous times throughout my years of teaching.  Spring is a very busy time for a teacher and often my own interests get pushed to the back burner - planting flowers being one of them.  I usually can't even think about working on my flowers until after school is out.  I always appreciate the plants that students give me.  It gives me a head start to making my house or yard pretty for summer and each time I look at the plant I am reminded of that special student." 

Beth, a retired high school teacher...
"I remember getting a loaf of homemade banana bread that was just wonderful! I also always liked getting cards or letters from my students.  The nice things they had to say meant a lot."

Amanda, a preschool teacher...
"This year I got a gift certificate for a pedicure which I'm really excited about.  I also got wine and a margarita mix!"  (*Note to parent:  While we may really appreciate gifts like this, please take the alcohol gift to the teacher yourself.  Do not send with your child to school!)

Pinned Image
Coincidentally, I  just found this on Pinterest and had to include it!  :)
Here are some other gift ideas...
A name plate for the teacher's desk made out of Scrabble tiles. Just hot glue them on!

An insulated tumbler filled with treats.  Make flowers out of strips of paper and attach to floral wire to make it a bouquet for the teacher.

This link has tons of great teacher gift ideas!  Check it out!
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One of my classroom moms made me a crayon wreath just like this.  I love it and so do all my students. I get tons of compliments on it! (Click on the picture for directions.)
 Mainstays Outdoor Wood Rocking Chair, White
Last year, I purchased a white outdoor rocking chair similar to this one pictured above.
I then (secretly) had my son Hugh and each of his classmates put their thumbprint on the rocking chair somewhere using paint.  When it dried, they each used permanent marker to make their thumbprint into a bug and they signed their name beside their bug.  I then sprayed the entire rocking chair with a protective sealant making it safe for outdoor use.  We surprised the teacher with the rocking chair as a gift from all of the children in the class.  They were so excited and so was she!  She still has her rocking chair on her porch. 

The bug thumbprints looked similar to this...

How about this with a tag that says "I'm SODA-lighted you were my teacher this year!"

Check out this link...tons of great teacher gift ideas - some handmade, some store bought!
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My son's teacher is going to be getting a gift card to the place where she gets her nails done.  It is something I know she will use and appreciate.

Our daycare providers are receiving this...


 This is what the card says...
I made it on Microsoft Publisher.

Other great teacher gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated...
  • gift cards (iTunes, local ice cream shop, gas card, greenhouse, bookstore, restaurant, teacher store)
  • homemade cookies
  • a group picture of the class
  • a heartfelt letter written by the student and/or parents
  • summer stuff: sunscreen, beach towel, good book (or bookstore gift card), lemonade mix
  • something from the college the teacher graduated from:  pennant, t-shirt, magnet, etc.
  • grilling utensils, marinade mixes, or BBQ sauce (great for male teachers)

    Does the teacher have pets?  How about a new dog collar, dog or cat treats, I LOVE MY PET frame, or a gift card to a nearby pet store!

    What about the teacher's hobbies?  How about some pretty yarn, a scrapbook magazine, a cookbook, fishing lures, gardening gloves, or a personalized water bottle for working out?

    Is the teacher a mother or father?  Consider a gift for them to use with their kids such as water balloons, a new storybook (write a message to them in the front cover), ice cream bowls, sprinkles, and a scoop, box of popsicles, a picnic blanket, beach toys, stuff to make s'mores, tickets to a ballpark, amusement park or movie theater, a package of hot dogs and bag of chips, family photo album, museum or zoo passes, movie rental get the idea!  As a working mother, I really appreciate receiving things like this that I can share with my family!

    As a teacher, I can tell you that we do not expect to get a gift from students at the end of the year and I hope no parent ever feels they have to give the teacher something.  As you can see though in the responses from my teacher friends - a note from the student or the student's parents is gift enough and often means the most!  I, myself, have what I call a "feel good file" in my filing cabinet.  Each time I receive a card or letter like that I stick it in my feel good file.  I keep them all!


  1. Those are such cute ideas!! I made the crayon wreath for my little girls preschool teacher for Christmas! She LOVED it!!! Thanks so much for sharing these fun gift ideas with us at Thursday's Temptation.

  2. What great ideas - love the funny postcard - I can only imagine how many coffee mugs, scented candles and unwanted chocolates they must get... I love the home-made book mark idea. I found you via linky, joined your site, off to have a good look around and read some more posts - would love you to come over and visit me too:

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