Thursday, June 7, 2012

Autographed Book Giveaway

We are giving away an autographed copy of this book...

The Legend of the Ghost Buck

Here is an excerpt from The Legend of the Ghost Buck...

"Boone Mason couldn't believe his eyes. He really does exist, he thought, as his left hand trembled on the bow. Thirty yards away was the biggest buck he'd ever seen. It was a moment he'd been waiting for all of his young life. Somehow, his quivering right hand found the bowstring. His heart hammered, and he struggled to slow his frantic breathing. Slowly, the enormous buck turned . . . and looked directly at him.  Boone held his breath. He froze.  Had the buck spotted him? He hadn't had time to raise the bow and aim before the buck had spotted him. Now, if we moved an inch, the deer most certainly would bolt, and Boone would miss the opportunity of a lifetime.  Tense seconds ticked past. The buck looked away. It was Boone's only chance . . . the chance he'd been waiting for. Slowly, he raised the bow . . .Was the crazy old man right? Is Boone just going to blow it and ruin everything? Or will this be a hunt that rewrites the record books and a small town?"

The Legend of the Ghost Buck is written by author, Lane Walker who is a father, elementary principal, outdoor writer, and outdoorsmen himself.  This chapter book would be of interest to children in about grades 3-11 and any outdoor enthusiast. While, not truly a ghost, the elusiveness of the buck in this story gives the impression of an unseen specter and keeps readers on the edge of their seats!

Author Lane Walker

Author, Lane Walker will autograph the book as the winner requests.  So if you win and would like it for your nephew, Tommy, he will autograph it specifically for Tommy and pop it in the mail for you!  Cool, huh??

Here's how to enter..

1. You must be a Sister-Dipity follower.  If you are not yet, simply click on the Google Friend Connect button to the right.

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3. Leave a comment below telling me you did these two things and you are in the running for an autographed copy of the book!

*Winner will be chosen by random number generator on June 24, 2012

Good Luck!

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  1. Great giveaway!
    I'm following you via GFC (Jackie Reini) and email.
    I also like Hometown Hunters on Facebook.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!