Thursday, August 9, 2012

36 Things...

Tomorrow is my 36th birthday - EEK! How did that happen so fast? 40 is looking younger and younger all the time! For my birthday, I thought I'd share 36 things about myself...

  1. I wrote a piano composition when I was 16 years old.  I have a copy rite on it.
  2. I am exactly 5 feet tall.
  3. I LOVE fountain pop diet Coke - from a fountain, with ice and a straw!
  4. I am afraid of cancer, snakes, and tornadoes.
  5. My husband and I were in the same kindergarten 1981. Our kindergarten teacher was at our wedding!
  6. I love shopping for scrapbook supplies just as much as I love scrapbooking!
  7. I am extremely sentimental.
  8. I am super good at rewriting the words to existing songs - usually ridiculous words that my kids giggle at.
  9. I love fresh, crisp, clean sheets on my bed. I change the sheets on my bed several times a week.
  10. I have hypochondriatic tendencies, sometimes really bad!
  11. I have a Master's Degree in elementary education which I finished with a 4.0. I am proud of that.
  12. I am the oldest of 3 girls - the shortest, but the oldest.
  13. I have recently discovered a passion for vintage tablecloths from the 1950s.
  14. I am right-brained but a left-brained "wanna be!"
  15. Ever since typing class in 9th grade, I have this habit of "typing" things I'm reading or hearing. I type things subtly on the table in front of me or with my hands folded.
  16. I would love to go to Ireland some day.
  17. 17 is my favorite number - I fell in love with my husband when I was 17, we had our first date on June 17th, got married exactly 6 years later on June 17th, and bought our house on the 17th of November.
  18. And speaking of numbers....all three of my children are born on dates divisible by 5.
  19. I love "The Golden Girls" and could watch reruns all day long.
  20. Sometimes I think I am God's favorite.
  21. I am a "big sister" in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.
  22. I do not like dill pickles or mushrooms.
  23. The older I get, the more sleep I need.
  24. Every time I see an ambulance with lights flashing, I say a prayer.
  25. I am a night owl.
  26. I have always had a dog. Always. My whole life.
  27. I feel the need to call my mom and tell her every time one of my kids says something cute.
  28. I have my camera with me most of the time.
  29. I LOVE planning my children's birthday parties.
  30. Math is not my thing.
  31. My favorite housekeeping task is sweeping. My least favorite is doing dishes.
  32. I don't think I'm a runner. I'm really trying to be but...
  33. I wish that just for one day we would truly have peace on earth.
  34. I love naps and would like to take one every day.
  35. I have naturally curly (frizzy) hair!
  36. After struggling to get pregnant, then struggling to stay pregnant, I now am blessed with 3 happy, healthy, busy children of my own!

Thanks for taking a minute to get to know me better!

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  1. Love this!! Tomorrow is Autumn's 8th birthday! Have a wonderful birthday!!!

  2. Now I will post 36 things about you.
    1. You are an inspiration.
    2. You are an amazing mother.
    3. I used to be jealous that you were little and had tiny feet.
    4. I also have that frizzy hair, but yours always seems to look better than mine.
    5. No matter how busy you are, you put everyone else first.
    6. Yes, you worry needlessly sometimes, but you always rise to the occassion and are brave and strong when you need to be.
    7. I laugh harder with you than with anyone else.
    8. I don't copy you; you just seem to beat me to everything.
    9. You are a runner.
    10. In junior high, I was so PROUD to have such a glamorous big sister in high school.
    11. And yes, sometimes I did borrow your clothes without asking.
    12. I wish you lived a little closer but realize how lucky I am to have you as close as you are.
    13. I spend more money when I shop with you!
    14. I usually start missing you in January.
    15. You got me addicted to Facebook (and pinterest).
    16. You understand me the way no one else does.
    17. We WILL write a book together someday.
    18. I loved talking on the phone with you every Sunday night during my freshman year and your senior year in college. I think I would have dropped out without you.
    19. I try, but you always look more stylish than me.
    20. I love that you are the "other mother" to my babies.
    21. You introduced me to the joys of the laundry mat during a camping trip.
    22. Some of my best memories from growing up involve choreographing dances on the deck with you, Julie, and mom.
    23. I was scared to death when I heard you had been in a car accident in high school.
    24. I was scared to death when you were in the hospital trying NOT to have Hugh too soon.
    25. Brown truck, brown truck, brown truck!
    26. I hated and loved your hand-me-downs all at the same time.
    27. I once answered to the name "Becky" in Mrs.Lehman's class . . . and she was actually calling on another Becky in the room.
    28. I say a prayer for you and your family every morning and every night.
    29. You are a great photographer.
    30. I understand that sometimes you just need a sister on the other end of the phone even if you are too busy dealing with children to actually talk to that sister.
    31. My friends always wanted to hang out with you. (Which I hated, but was secretly proud of too.)
    32. I don't understand about other people who arent' close with their siblings. What is that about?
    33. I am so thankful that God gave me you and Julie.
    34. I knew you were pregnant with Claire and Oliver before you told me. (Yes I did!)
    35. You encourage me when I am discouraged.
    36. I love you! Happy 36th birthday!