Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bookworm Party - 100 Books Read!

My nephew, Jacob is 8 years old and is about to start 3rd grade. This past year he really blossomed as a reader and dove right into chapter books.  He made it his own personal goal to read 100 chapter books.  He also decided we would all have a party to celebrate when he read 100 chapter books! Well, earlier this summer he met his goal! And...he refused to read another book until we had the party! Ha! I told his mom I thought he was pretty smart! So she organized a little bookworm party at the park.

His mom decorated the tables with some of his favorite chapter books.

She made dirt cake which was filled with "bookworms" (aka gummy worms!)

This is the amazing reader enjoying his gummy bookworms. 
Notice his shirt is a "Diary of  a Wimpy Kid" shirt!

This is my little Claire a bit skeptical about eating worms but always up for a new adventure!

The kids had a fabulous time playing together at the park!
It was a beautiful summer evening!

Everyone brought gifts for the guest of honor.  He didn't know he'd get gifts and was pleasantly surprised! We gave him a fancy sports bookmark and a medal on a ribbon.  The medal had a book on it! I put the gifts in a plain gift bag then added the letters to the edge to spell "READ."

He tried to play it cool but I could tell the book medal meant a lot to him!
His mom told me later that it was very special and he was thrilled with it!

His grandma got him a beautiful copy of "Tom Sawyer." 
 We all agreed he'd be full of good ideas after reading this book!

He also received several Barnes & Noble gift cards.  Hmmm...maybe I should set a reading goal for myself and have a party! I would LOVE a B & N gift card!

We all got a bookmark as a party favor that had a Dr. Seuss quote on it: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” We also received a little bag of our own gummy "bookworms" to take home!

We are very proud of Jacob not only for being such a great reader but also for setting such a good example for his younger brother and cousins.  He is quite the boy!  A party for reading - as a teacher and a mother, I think this is definitely reason to celebrate!

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