Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Tea Party With Grandma

My daughter, Claire 3 1/2, had "tea party with grandma" on her summer bucket list. So one day in August, Grandma Beth came over to our house and we had a special girls-only tea party.

Grandma and Claire worked together to make little sandwiches.  They made PB&J sandwiches and ham sandwiches cut into little flower and heart shapes.

Oliver helped too! (Right before he laid down for his nap!)

Claire and baby cousin, Adalena got on their pretty dresses!


I got the patio table ready with a purple tablecloth, a bouquet of pink flowers, some pink and white tulle, and Claire and Grandma's tea sets.

I also hung up these large pink tissue paper flowers that Grandma made.


This is Grandma Beth's tea set she had when she was a little girl!

Claire's birthday last year was a Pinkalicious theme. (See HERE) I found some leftover Pinkalicious napkins and thought they'd be perfect for our tea party! Claire was delighted!

Our tea party menu included:
-tea (the tea was Hawaiian Punch)
-little sandwiches
-macaroni and cheese
-little carrots and dip
-watermelon chunks
-cherry tomatoes from the garden
-and Little Debbie Fancy Cakes

Notice Claire's bracelet and ring! She is all about accessories!

I found this sweet poem I thought I'd share with you...
The Tea Party
In the pleasant green Garden
We sat down to tea;
"Do you take sugar?" and
"Do you take milk?"
She'd got a new gown on–
A smart one of silk.
We all were so happy
As happy could be,
On that bright Summer's day
When she asked us to tea.

  ~Kate Greenaway

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