Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween at Grandma & Boppa's House

Every year my mom, a.k.a. Grandma Beth, needs to know well ahead of time when the kids are coming trick-or-treating at her house so she can have everything ready. A couple years ago all the grandchildren were cowboys and cowgirls and the whole table was set with a cowboy theme. This year, she did it again! Outdid herself! Daddy and I took Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy, and Call of the Wildman's Turtleman, trick-or-treating at Grandma and Boppa's last Thursday night.
Raggedy Ann and Andy

Our Turtleman....

Animal Planet's Turtleman!

This is what awaited us on grandma's kitchen table...

Creepy Cordon Blu - crescent rolls with a slice of cheese and a slice of ham wrapped up inside with two little pieces of green pepper for eyes peeking at us!
  Creepy but delicious!
Apple Spider - fancy glasses for apple cider with a raisin (for a spider) on the side.

Monster Toes -  Mounds miniature candy bars with cashews for the toes.

Devil's Eggs - with olives in each for a creepy eyeball staring up at us!
These are daddy's favorite treats!

Little Debbie Bat Wing brownies.

Leaf sugar cookies (dough lightly colored in reds, yellows, and oranges for authentic color) and acorns made out of a round Nutter Butter cookie, a candy kiss on one end and a miniature chocolate chip on the other for the acorn shapes.

 Porcupine Quills - a cheese ball with pretzel sticks sticking out all over it

Pumpkins - peeled oranges with a tiny stalk of celery for the stem

A witch who has crashed landed on the table - a package of Halloween color Oreos with the packaging removed, witch feet sewn out of black felt with purple curling ribbon for the boot laces, a black witches hat laying on top, and - I didn't get a picture of it - but a brown bristle paintbrush sticking out from under the hat for her broom! Absolutely adorable!

All the healthy stuff, you know - carrots, celery, tomatoes, corn (uh, candy corn that is!) and grapes.
Behind that - little meatballs. It was really a whole meal! :)
All this and Grandma isn't even on Pinterest!

Raggedy Andy filled up on goodies!
And so did Raggedy Ann!

After the kids did their official trick-or-treating and ate their scary dinner, we changed clothes and headed out to Boppa's garden to pick out our pumpkins for our jack-o-lanterns. It was dark and they took flashlights. We have never chosen pumpkins in the dark before but it was warm and the darkness just added to the spookiness of this traditional Halloween event.

Hugh made sure he got the biggest one in the garden.
Getting the biggest one is extremely important when you are 9!

Boppa helped Oliver!


 Such simple pleasure in picking out a pumpkin!
And, did I mention Grandma made these costumes too? 
Yeah, she's amazing, I tell ya! Such good memories for my kids!
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