Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Scraps Wreath

Last week my daughter Claire and I made these...
I had leftover material - LOTS of leftover material so I decided to make a wreath.
I used a wire wreath frame that I got for $.69 at Goodwill.
I cut the different types of material into strips of varying lengths. They were each about two inches in width.  I tied them in double knots randomly all over the wire frame.
I added the fabric strips ramdomly all over the wreath so that I didn't have the same type of material in one spot. I wanted each material showing up throughout the wreath.

I also added ribbon in browns, greens, and black. Many of them polka-dot! Gotta include polka dots! In addition to the ribbon, I added strips of burlap and pieces of raffia ribbon too. I continued tying them in double knots ramdomly all over the wire frame.

When the wreath was looking pretty full I slid each section so I could fill up any thin areas. I didn't want the green wire showing through when it was hanging up.

And - ta da! Here we have it!
Tons of scraps of material, ribbon, burlap and raffia - polka dots and all!

I love the material that is black with candy on it. That is my favorite. Super cute!

I found this wooden "Trick or Treat" sign at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. The colors were perfect and the "Trick or Treat" wording was perfect with the candy material I love.
I hung the sign on a hook on the door and put the wreath over it.
I did have to adjust it all a little to get it just right.
I also added this wide white ribbon that says "trick or treat, happy halloween, carving pumpkins, too much candy" over and over on it. It too has polka dots and cute jack-o-lanterns.
I strung the white ribbon across the middle which hid the wire from the wooden "trick or treat" sign.
I LOVE how it turned out. As I was making it I was thinking about who to give it to. I don't think I can give it away - at least not right away. I made it after the kids went to bed and they woke up oohhing and aahhing over it. Adorable, if I do say so myself. I love the scrappy look!
Yes, I am keeping it!


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  1. Your wreath is gorgeous! Just saw it over on the link party... I am your newest follower now. Would love if you could come visit my blog and follow.


  2. Gorgeous colorful Halloween wreath!!!!! I'd love for you to share this wreath and any other crafts at my linky party, Submarine Sunday. I hope you'll stop by!


  3. Oh, this is so cute! Love the colors. Looks like a good project to use up fabric scraps, too. (Found you at the Mercy Ink link party). Blessings!