Monday, October 29, 2012

Our New Baby

This weekend my husband came home with this...
We had discussed getting a puppy sometime. With both of us being teachers, we had thought June would be an opportune time to welcome a puppy into our family. We'd have the whole summer to work on potty training and getting to know each other. Well, I guess my dear hubby fell in love and couldn't pass it up.
Upon seeing the look of shock on my face, my husband said very defensively, "What? You said you love surprises and I never surprise you?!?" (we had just had this conversation about a week before)
I said, "Yes, but I meant plan a date for us or bring home flowers....not a puppy!" I then quickly assured him it was okay with me and I trusted his judgement. I also quickly looked up "French Brittany" online as I knew NOTHING about them!
I read that they are great with kids.
Our little Gus is greatly loved already, as you can see.

I read that French Brittanys can be great house dogs but then serious hunters as well.
(Which is a HUGE part of why Ryan fell in love, I'm sure!)

We are all in love! The kids were so excited. Claire kept saying "Can we keep him for a week?" Daddy kept saying, "Claire, he is OURS. He is going to live here." Claire said, "For a week?" Ryan said, "For his whole life." Gus is a great snuggler and the kids enjoyed watching cartoons with Gus' little head resting in their laps.

I'm a sucker for a puppy - completely over the initial shock. Nothing is chewed up yet or pooped on though. Check back with me in a few days and see if I still feel the same! :) My hubby is now talking about breeding - Good Lord! We'll see.


  1. So cute! The kids will love having a dog! It took
    a few years but I finally gave in to Luke getting a
    dog now I wouldn't take a million bucks for her!
    Good luck on house training.

  2. I love this post! I would love being surprised with a puppy haha :). I also love the picture of Mr. Walker and all the kids with Gus...I think thats the epitome of life right there. You have a truly beautiful family :)