Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Tower & Fall Porch Display

I love decorating for fall! The fall colors, the bright pumpkins, the mums...it is all so beautiful. I thought I'd share with you what I've done to our front porch for autumn.

 My dad made this metal rod for me attached to a metal square stand. I usually use it in the summer months to make a tower of tilted flower pots for planting annuals. I have two of these though and I only used one this summer (which I am still using) so I had an extra one in my garage.

I got myself some pumpkins in a variety of sizes. I had to inform my children that these were MOMMY'S pumpkins and that we would still get them their own.

I lifted the largest pumpkin onto the metal rod first, poking a hole in it and allowing the pumpking to tip to the side a bit. I lowered it to the bottom.  I repeated that with each pumpkin a little smaller than the one below it until the rod was hidden in the pumpkins.
The tiny pumpkin just sat securly on it's own on the side there!
I then attached raffia ribbon and green ribbon - the kind with the wire edges - to recreate the vine.
I leaned the pumpkin tower up against my old window in the corner of the porch. I LOVE how it turned out!
I put our rocking chair in front of the old window and left the throw pillow on it that had been there all summer. It was $9.00 at WalMart in their outdoor living center earlier this year. The colors are perfect with the rest of the decor.  I then surrounded it all with mums, gourds, and acorn squash.

The yellow stand is an old birdcage hanger I got at our local antique store. I hung a wooden harvest sign from the middle of it - the yellow color also goes perfectly with the rest of the decor.


A fall flag hangs in front of the porch rail.

And the princess came up from the backyard to see if things met her approval...

She says the white pumpkin makes her think of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage!