Friday, October 12, 2012

TGIF - My Week as a Working Mom

Wow! What a crazy week! Here is a replay of my week as a working mom...

Monday - I think I slept about 4 hours Sunday night due to a fussy two year old and my own coughing. I got up, clicked on the coffee pot and started my day - packed 3 lunches for kids and got everyone to school. I also put a roast in the crock pot for dinner.  I went to school and before the students came in, I called the doctor's office to make myself an appointment. I had had headaches for two weeks and a horrible cough. The computer was down at the doctor's office and they asked me to call back in a couple hours. I intended to but the day got so busy that I never called back.

At school I started practicing the Christmas program songs with my students. I saw about 160 students throughout the school day. Most of them were super excited to start the Christmas program stuff, others were saying "But it isn't even Halloween!" Nevertheless, the program is only 8 weeks away so we have to get started!

I went home at lunch to let the dog out and check on the roast only to find that I had never plugged the crock pot in. I did and turned it on and then stressed all afternoon about whether we should eat it or not.

After school was over I cleaned up my classroom a bit and reorganized things. At 5:00 my class of 16 toddlers came for music class followed by my preschool class of 12 little ones. Claire is in this class so she and I went home together at 7:00. We fed the kids something....I can't remember what....and Ryan and I ate the roast that I wasn't too sure about. It was delicious! I am so glad I decided it was okay. We did not get sick from it and could have fed it to the kids. I went to bed at about 9:30 utterly exhausted with a messy house and still not feeling well.

Tuesday - Got up about 5:30 and straightened up the house a bit, threw in a load of laundry, and got on Facebook for a few minutes while I enjoyed my coffee and the early morning quiet. Got everyone ready for school. When I got to school I called the doctor's office again and finally made an appointment for the following afternoon. I filled up on Motrin and used my inhaler every 4-6 hours but still felt yucky and couldn't breathe very well. Went to see the school nurse who listened to my lungs and said I sounded very tight but not wheezy. She also said "You need a massage. I know a massage student who needs hours so you could get a massage for free." I said "YES!" She made the appointment for me for Thursday.

Continued the Christmas music with another set of about 160 students. It was getting very difficult to sing and talk over a classroom of kids when I couldn't breathe well and was coughing so much. Rushed home after school to see an email that I could take Hugh out to a local photographer's house that evening to get his pictures taken in his camo and with his bow. We called grandma and grandpa who jumped into action and rushed Hugh's clothes and bow over to our house from their house where he keeps it. Daddy took Claire to tap dancing lessons while I took both boys to get Hugh's pictures taken. I haven't seen the proofs yet but can't wait.

Went home and made chicken strips, rice, and steamed broccoli for dinner with pumpkin butter cream cheese puffs for dessert.  Felt good to all sit down together as a family for dinner.

Helped Hugh with homework, gave kids baths, laid out clothes for next day, brushed teeth, read stories, rock-a-byed and tucked in beds. I, too, then went to bed again with a messy house and a tired, sick body.

Wednesday - Got up, clicked on coffee pot, rotated laundry into dryer and threw another load in washer, got everyone ready for the day, drove through McDonald's to get breakfasts for the kids and a caramel mocha for me then off to drop off babies at day care and me and Hugh to school.

Continued Christmas program music with the third set of 160 students - by this 3rd set of kids, I had finally seen ALL the students in grades Y5s, K, 1, 2, 3, and 4 so they now all had a taste of what we'd be doing for the program.  At 11:00 I straighted up my classroom a bit and left out some materials and lesson plans for the sub who arrived at 12:00.  The sub was a very nice, cheerful man and I knew I was leaving my students in good hands. Off I went on home.

My doctor appointment wasn't until 2:15 so I had 1.5 hours at home before I had to leave.  AND I WAS HOME ALONE!!!!! That never happens.  I ran around the house the entire 1.5 hours cleaning like a mad woman (while still wearing my work clothes and high heels.)  I straightened the house, rotated the laundry, threw in another load, folded ALL the clean clothes and put them away (HOORAY!) I cleaned out both fish bowls, scrubbed both toilets, cleaned the hall bathroom and put away all tub toys and laid out a clean bath mat. I washed all the dirty dishes that were piled in the kitchen that I had been too tired to deal with the night before.  I worked like crazy until the very last minute then left for my appointment while sipping on my lunch - a diet coke!

At the appointment, the physician's assistant asked questions and looked me over. When she looked in my throat she said "Oh! That's terrible!" I said "What?"  She said "That's a sinus infection throat!" Sooo...sinus infection, fluid in both ears, and yes, a cough. I left with an antibiotic and several over-the-counter instructions including my inhaler and Motrin I had been doing. I felt kinda silly for being so sick and not getting in sooner. I told her that I kept thinking "Well, is it really that bad? Nah, I'm fine."  She said she thinks busy mothers just get used to not feeling well sometimes and it becomes the "normal" for awhile until they can't take it any more. I was SO excited to have a diagnosis, meds, and a plan to start feeling better!

After the appointment, I went to Walmart ALONE!!  Woo Hoo! I got a few groceries and some supplies for making the kids canvas trick-or-treat bags. I also got some food and supplies for our upcoming Halloween camping trip. I browsed the toy section thinking about Christmas but didn't get anything.  (Remember - I am NEVER alone!) I then went to the pharmacy and got my meds!

When I got home, Ryan had all three kids there and was suggesting we all go to his parents' house together so he and Hugh could clean the deer Hugh shot a few days before.  Uh, no...sorry, sweetie, but cleaning deer is not my idea of a fun time. I suggested he take the boys and Claire and I would stay home.  He agreed.  We made hot dogs for a quick dinner and off they went. Since I had had time earlier in the day to get some housework done, I felt I had "extra" time that evening. I pulled out all the supplies for the trick-or-treat bags I wanted to make and Claire and I began crafting.  We crafted for two full hours! It was great and I SO enjoyed my time with just her! She danced around the living room and said "Mom, I'm almost 4 and 4 year olds do serious things." She then showed me her best cartwheel! :) I love it! I got Claire all ready for bed as the boys got home. They too got ready for bed and we snuggled everyone in.  I filled up on my meds and then I went to bed too!

Thursday  Started my day just as I did all week, got the kids off to day care and school and continued Christmas program rehearsals with my students. After school I did my lesson plans for next week then dropped Hugh off at the high school to find his dad, and I went home to quickly change into jeans and a cozy sweatshirt.  I then went to my massage appointment. It was very relaxing - I could have used another 3 hours actually!

I then went home to find Ryan home with all three kids still in their coats. I said to Oliver "Oh! Did you just get home." He said "Yes." Ryan said "No, we've been home for a little bit. It is just too cold to take their coats off." (We hadn't started our furnace yet this fall.) Ryan then went into town to get a new filter for the furnace while I started dinner. I whipped up sandwiches and fruit for the kids and started a new soup recipe for me and Ryan. I then made a dozen cookies to take camping with us. I also began packing our bags and the food and supplies into the camper. Ryan came home, put in the new filter and started the furnace. Ah, warmth!

 I continued to do several loads of laundry, gave Claire and Oliver baths and got them in pjs, and kept checking on the soup and cookies.  At 7:30 my mom and dad came to pick up Claire and Oliver to spend the night at their house. I quickly threw their clothes and special blankies into a suitcase for them and helped get them into their car seats. Hugs and kisses and off they went. I then gave Ryan a bowl of the soup....wasn't too sure what he'd think but he loved it! It was Pumpkin Shrimp soup. (I will share the recipe on Sunday!) I had a little too and then began to clean up the kitchen. And, again...rotated laundry...laundry, laundry, laundry....always laundry! 

Ryan and I sat on the couch with Hugh for a little bit and watched television together. While sitting on the couch I made a detailed list of what I needed to do and what I needed to pack for the weekend camping trip.  Then I tucked Hugh in and laid in bed with him for a few minutes talking.  I then went back to cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. About 9:00 I sat down at the computer and got on Facebook. Big mistake! I could hardly get up again! I was hoping Ryan would come and find me half asleep and just scoop me up and carry me to bed like he does with the kids. No such luck. I finally dragged myself to bed feeling completely whipped. 

Friday -

I got up about 5:00 this morning and dove right guessed it - more laundry! I also made another batch of cookies and cleaned the kitchen. is my to do list for today...

  • Make pumpkin butter cream cheese puffs to take camping
  • Pack everyone's clothes and essentials for camping
  • Pack bedding
  • Drop off 2 packages at post office
  • Go to bank
  • Straighten house before we leave
  • Clean out van
  • Load van for camping trip
  • Find Halloween decorations for camping weekend
  • Sweep the floor before we leave
  • 5:00 Leave for campground!

We are going camping this weekend with my sister and her family and my parents. I have 3 very excited children! The forecast is not good and I'm praying this is one of those times that the weatherman is wrong! I have lots of fun things planned though - decorating bikes for Halloween that they can ride around campground, Halloween crafts, making our own mini pumpkin pies, fabulous fall meals, and a couple Halloween movies to watch with cousins in the camper. The campground is also having Halloween fun: a pumpkin roll on the beach, a scavenger hunt, campfire story telling, and Saturday night trick-or-treating.  Again....sure hope the weather works for all the fun!

Have a fabulous weekend!
Be sure to check back here on Sunday for
Soup Sunday: Pumpkin Shrimp Soup Recipe!

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  1. I love this post.....good job mama! Its hard working as a mama! I only work pt because of this reason! You are special, just as all mamas that work FT are :) Thanks for sharing!