Monday, November 12, 2012

Organizing Newspaper Articles

My husband is a freelance writer for four different publications. He has been writing for about 6 years and we have kept every article. We have discussed what to do with the articles several times but could never make a decision. Did we want them cut out? Did we want to keep the whole publication each time? Did we want them in a book or a box? He has been throwing them into a tub each month. I've been on a "clear the clutter" craze lately and so I finally made a decision!
I was inspired by a post I read on Kuzak's Closet - a FABULOUS organizing blog - about sorting and organizing your child's artwork.
She helped her client organize her child's projects using art portfolios from The Container Store. (I need to do this too with my 3 kids' art but am just tackling the husband's work right now.) Anyway, I got online and checked out what The Container Store had. I had a coupon and was able to get 15% off! Yay! I ended up ordering 5 of these...
I ordered the 11 x 14 size which fit his largest publications perfectly!

Goodbye tub of papers...

I began by sorting through all the publications and categorizing them into the four different publications. I then had four big piles of papers.

I then sorted each pile, tossed duplicates, and put the rest in chronological order.

This sorting and organizing took several hours...
...I needed lots of this...

I then cut out each article making sure to include the date.  The rest I threw away... felt so good to throw this away!
I gave each publication it's own portfolio and inserted them in chronological order. If my husband's article was a feature on the front cover, I included the front cover too! (He appreciated that part!)

I then removed the paper inserts along the binding and wrote the title of each publication on the spine.


So much better organized and easier to store.

In choosing this type of organization, we were able to eliminate much of the excess that was taking up a lot of room in our home. An added benefit is that it is enjoyable to sit down and flip through. My husband is thrilled to have it as a reference too, in case he ever needs to go back and remember who he wrote which article for or what photo he used on a particular piece. I love that we finally have a system now after so long of debating on how to handle it. I recently heard the quote, "Clutter is delayed decision-making!" Yes! I can relate! It felt good to make a decision.
This past weekend I went away to my usual scrapbook bed and breakfast get-away, Angie's Inn on the Grand. I decided I wanted to work on some other projects rather than scrapbook so this newspaper project was at the top of the list. While it took several hours to complete, I found the process to be quite enjoyable! Lots of uninterrupted time to do something special for my husband that also cleared a great deal of clutter from our home!

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