Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shhh...It's a Secret!

Only 48 days until Christmas. Have you begun your Christmas shopping yet? I am usually well into it by October but this year was different. I didn't have any ideas, inspiration, or time so by the last week of October I still hadn't put much thought into Christmas gifts, let alone begun my shopping. I have now made up for it though! I thought I would share with you a few surprises my children are getting for Christmas this year...

These fairies are so sweet. They are dainty and girly, well- made and perfect for tiny hands. My Claire (3 1/2) loves fairies, baby dolls, and tiny little things to carry and collect. I know she will be delighted with these fairies.
Also from Magic Cabin..
Steel Safe
Steel Safe - $24.98 from Magic Cabin
 This is a steel safe with a combination lock. I purchased it for my son, Hugh (9). I know he will LOVE it as it is a "big boy" gift. He likes his own stuff separate and secretive from his brother and sister. Also, Hugh is in 3rd grade and next year, as a 4th grader, he will have a locker with a combination at school for the first time. I thought this would be good practice! I was excited to find this because my mom had one exactly like it as a child and still has it. Kind of makes it extra special that he has one like grandma had 50+ years ago! 
Secret of the Wings
Disney's Secret of the Wings DVD

I preordered this from Amazon before it was released. I was pleasantly surprised to find I ended up paying about $3.00 less because I had preordered it. Every time this was advertised on television, Claire got all excited and said she needed to have a special movie night with popcorn and hot chocolate and watch this with her daddy! Daddy put on a smile but said to me "Oh, great!" with a hint of sarcasm. I told him I preordered it for her and he actually seemed genuinely pleased. Daddy has decided this gift will be a "To Claire From Daddy" gift on Christmas morning and that, yes, he will have that special movie night with her! I love it!

Melissa & Doug Horse Carrier
Melissa & Doug Horse Carrier - $20.00 from JCPenney

Oliver (2) tells us he wants Santa to bring a "back-HOE" - with lots of extra emphasis on the "hoe" part - and he told us he wants horses. He loves trucks and horses and I love Melissa & Doug products so I thought this was perfect. I don't remember how much I paid for it, but I didn't pay $20.00. I had a coupon and free shipping so it was a bit cheaper. Still shopping for the back-HOE!

EZ-Fort: The BunkerEZ-Fort: The Bunker
EZ Fort: The Bunker - $45.99 from Amazon

I got this building kit for Hugh. I ordered it through Zulily and did not pay this much for it. Unfortunately, it is no longer available through Zulily.
He loves putting things together, taking things apart, establishing his own space, and hiding out. The manufacturer's age recommendation is 36 months through 15 years of age. I think that about covers our family!  

 Melissa & Doug 20 Wooden Animal Magnets in a Box - $10.61 from Amazon

Melissa & Doug again! I got these wooden animal magnets for Oliver. At 2 years old, he is really into animals and loves playing with the magnets on the fridge while I am working in the kitchen.
He will enjoy taking them in and out of the box, sorting and organizing them, and putting his own magnets on the fridge!
I ordered one of these personalized hunting pillowcases for each of the boys. Their bedroom is a hunting theme and I know they will both like this. They will also get new pillows!
Claire is getting this one that says "The Princess is Sleeping." It, too, has her name on it.
Hoping the princess pillowcase will make my princes want to stay in her bed all night! Too much to hope for?? Probably. 
 I got these through Zulily too, a few months ago - the only Christmas shopping I did start early! They are not currently available through Zulily but can be purchased at Amazon for $19.95 each.
Product Details
Claire saw this Mega Blocks John Deere tractor in Walmart the other day and begged to get it for Oliver. I told her we could but that she had to keep it a secret. She seems to have forgotten about it! And she is right - Oliver will love it! We paid about $10.00 for it in the store. It is available online too for $12.71. 
 As far as gifts for my kids, this is about all I have accomplished.  I have been thinking about it a lot more and window/catalog/online browsing a lot lately. I am holding out for Black Friday deals on a few items I have my eye on.
The kids' Christmas lists right now are as follows:
Hugh (9) - guitar and surprises
Claire (almost 4) - Lalaloopsy doll and surprises
Oliver (2) - back-HOE and horsies
Reasonable lists for now. Probably doable.
I like the "surprises" part - gives Santa some wiggle room, so-to-speak!
I love the Christmas season and am looking forward to every part of it - the shopping, the decorating, the family get-togethers, the music, the crafts, the holiday movies, the lights, and, most importantly, the magic of the season in remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior. Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? Do you have any surprises planned yet? I'd love to hear, and I am good at keeping secrets!

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