Saturday, December 22, 2012

Interactive Felt Christmas Trees

My friend Tracey saw this idea online and sent me a link with a "We MUST do this!"message. She ordered green felt - and LOTS of it! We got together on November 15th and began crafting. We soon found it was addictive and got together again a few days later to keep working on it!

Between the two of us we had tons and tons of felt in a variety of colors.
We used iron on letters from Walmart to make ornaments that spelled each of the kids' names. I made mine look like Christmas bulbs. The idea was that the letters would all be mixed up and the kids had to practice spelling their own name!
We experimented with all kinds of designs in the shape of bells, bulbs, candles, candy canes, and reindeer. We assembled them using a hot glue gun. We used different colored felt and ribbon (along with scissors, of course) to create the ornaments.

The kids made some too!

I also used the kids' school pictures from this fall to make special ornaments. I used glue dots to stick on the photo then cut a frame out of felt and hot glued that on top of the picture.

The kids loved having their pictures on the tree too!



I made a tree for our home and another for my classroom. The one I made for the classroom was similar but without kids' names and with ornaments with our school emblem on them! Those were the kids' favorites! It was a popular activity these last couple weeks of school. The kids were amazed that felt just sticks to felt!

Tracey's daughter, Chloee, made presents for under the trees! See the red shiny box on the floor in the photo above?  I got it at WalMart and let it sit under our tree throughout the holiday season. I kept all the felt ornaments in there and then the kids knew they could find the ornaments in there and return the ornaments to the box too.
I attached the tree to the wall using Command wall-hanging adhesive strips. The strips are sticky to stick to the wall but then are sort of velcroed together when hanging an actual picture. I used the strips a little different - I stuck them to the wall with the fuzzy side up and then the tree just stuck to the strips without using a second strip. Kind of like felt would attach to regular Velcro anyway! They held very well through all the use.
Tracey made a tree with ornaments that she sent to her sister, Amy in New York for her little girls to enjoy. I made one for my nephews too! All of our kids all together range in age 0-9 and they ALL enjoyed the trees! It will be fun to get them out again next year, and I think I will add the kids' photos each year too! Good idea, Tracey! :)

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