Friday, August 31, 2012

Wait till you see this giveaway...

I am so excited about this new giveaway! My friend, Summer from Kinley Kollection Pillowcase Dresses is so talented (and generous!) She is currently working on reaching 200 Likes on her Facebook page. When she does reach her goal she is giving away a dress! But wait...there's more!!!
If the winner is a Sister-Dipity follower then.....not only do you win the dress but you also win a tutu!  AHHH!! Isn't that fabulous?!?!

Look at some of her products...

Cover Photo

The dresses can be worn alone for the warmer days and with a long sleeved shirt and leggings for cooler days in the fall and winter months!

Tutu Cute...

Photo: Kylee's dress is done:)Kinley Kollection Pillowcase DressesPhoto: Halloween Tutu 
Sizes come in small, med, large
Shortcake length or Princess length
This is my little Claire in her Kinley Kollection Pillowcase Dress...

She LOVES it and gets tons of compliments when she wears it! Don't you want one for your little princess?  Well, here is what you've gotta do -  now, this is a bit different than giveaways on Sister-Dipity in the past! To enter, you must...
1. Go to Kinley Kollection Pillowcases and "LIKE" them on Facebook! Leave a comment below telling me you did that!
2. Be a Sister-Dipity follower. If you are already - great! If not, click on the blue Google Friend Connect button on the right to become a follower!
The winner will be randomly chosen by Summer from Kinley Kollection Pillowcase Dresses when she reaches 200 "LIKES!" If the winner is a Sister-Dipity follower - then BONUS - the winner gets a dress and a tutu! Yay!!
Spread the word! Good Luck!

We Have a Winner!

The winner of the Jubilee Jewelry giveaway for this adorable birthday necklace is....

#5 SueLouise23
Congratulations and many thanks to Jubilee Jewelry for sponsoring this giveaway!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camping Theme Birthday Party

I must first apologize for being MIA this past week. Our Internet was in and out all week, and I could never complete a project online! But it seems much better now!
I am excited to share my nephew, Jacob's camping theme birthday party. Jacob turned 8 this month and camping is always on his summer bucket list.  The camping birthday party was such a fun idea!

My sister had his cake made at a bakery. The little green tent on it has a tiny button on the side. When pushed, the button lights up the inside of the tent and has the silhouette of a person inside. Jacob loved his cake and eagerly showed everyone how the little tent worked!

We had a VERY dry June and July with hardly any rain. Unfortunately, the day of the party - it rained! My sister was very disappointed to have to have a camping party in the house. The kids still have a marvelous time, of course.

This is the birthday banner I made Jacob several years ago that they use every year for his birthday party.  See HERE to read a past post about making a similar birthday banner.

All the campers at the party received a knapsack as their party favor. Inside were goodies such as trail mix, a S'mores to go, a drink, and a glow necklace.
My sister made these camping signs with the intent to hang them around the yard...
at the start of the hiking trail in the woods...

by the woods...

above the garbage can...

..again by the trails...
They had them hanging around the house for decoration instead.
The meal was a traditional camping meal with hot dogs, chips, baked beans, taco salad, fruit, grilled zucchini, and lemonade. The tables were covered in red and white checked tablecloths.

Jacob's dad is the one standing looking in the window here! He was grilling the zucchini on the deck and it was taking longer than he thought so he was peeking in on everyone eating and feeling kinda jealous (and hungry!)

Along with all the other camping themed items, my sister put out the boys' toy grill with all the accessories so the little ones could help with the picnic! Here my Oliver is making hot dogs!

The games and activities that were planned were a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! There was a nature scavenger hunt planned for the bigger kids and a simpler one with picture clues planned for the preschoolers. Unfortunately, due to the crummy weather we didn't do these hunts. Notice the top of the scavenger hunt list says "Camp Jake!"

The kids also made glow-in-the-dark bugs from empty green Sprite bottles. The bottles were emptied, washed, and the label was removed. Then the kids wrapped the body of their lightning bug in yellow paper, added pipe cleaner legs, antennae, wings, and googley eyes.  My sister (a 2nd grade teacher) made it a science lesson as they worked discussing the different parts of a bug.

When the bugs were finished, each child got a glow stick to put inside their green bottle to make it glow like a firefly.

The kids then took their bugs to the darkest room in the house (the bathroom) to watch them glow in the dark.

Jacob's little brother, Nicholas (4) was a little wound up at the party!

Baby cousin, Addie loved watching all the kids!

Another activity that was super fun was a bug bite game! The kids had to hunt for bug stickers and then stick them to each other as "bug bites!" The kids LOVED this game and were covered with bug stickers by the end!

Opening presents is always a hit...

The birthday boy got deer calls. He was thrilled as he plans to hunt with dad this fall!

Everyone enjoyed S'mores before leaving the party! They were supposed to be made over the campfire but due to the rain were made in the microwave. The kids seemed thrilled anyway!

The adults all got to take home squash and zucchini as their party favor! :)
Some of the older kids got to stay the night and had the opportunity to camp outside that night. They ended up "camping" in the living room but Jacob was delighted with his party!