Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hot Cocoa Snowman Gift Idea

My mom made these for all the grandchildren for Christmas. (I've said before, my mom was the original Pinterest!)  I thought they were adorable so I am sharing them with you.
Here are the materials she used:
-20 oz canister of hot cocoa mix
-1 sheet of white paper cut
-1 sock (purchased, of course, in sets of 2 from the dollar store!)
-2 Ziploc snack bags
-pink marshmallows
-chocolate chips
-Reddi-Wip (optional)
-construction paper and/or felt in blue, orange, and black
-curling ribbon
She began by wrapping the paper around the canister of cocoa and securing it in the back with tape.
She used the construction paper (and the nose and mouth are adhesive-backed felt) to make the face for the snowman.
 She filled the 2 snack baggies - one with marshmallows and one with chocolate chips.
She zipped them shut and stuffed them into a sock leaving the toe area empty.
She then took the sock and stretched it over the top of the cocoa container. She held the toe end up, tied ribbon tight around it (about 3 inches down from the end) and then cut the toe off the end of it. She then cut strips into the end of the sock - about 3 inch cuts. The elastic in the sock makes the strips curl naturally! So cute!
She added more curling ribbon around the cut strips to hold them together, and she curled the ribbon.

She gave one to each grandchild along with a can of Reddi-Wip. The kids LOVED them!

No two were alike.

These are the three my kids received! I didn't even put them in the cupboard when we got home. I just put them on the shelf above the kitchen sink so they are readily available when there is a hankering for cocoa, and they are perfect January decorations too!
So darn cute. My mom is always full of good ideas! She should have a blog!
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