Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine Vignette

This weekend I found some time to do a little Valentine's Day decorating.
I created a LOVEly Valentine's Day Vignette...

I brought the old window in the house that I had on the front porch. See HERE.
I stuck it behind this cabinet against the wall.

I hung this small tulle wreath on the top of it. I made this wreath last year out of a canning jar ring. See tutorial HERE. I just removed the "Love Bug" decorations and added this wooden heart with the red bird on it. I like how the pink and red ribbons stick out around it.

The red filigree post thing is from Hobby Lobby.
I like the dramatic shot of red it added and an additional height to the display.

The pink roses are actually wooden roses. My husband rarely buys me flowers and he knows that I really like them. This past summer we were at an old fashioned farmhouse/schoolhouse/tractor show and there were tons of vendors there. Ryan was off with two of the three kids and came back with this bouquet of roses for me. It was a very sweet gesture. I commented on what amazing artwork that was - thinly carved, wooden roses.  He said "Yes, and they will never die. Just like my love for you!"
I melted, he nodded, we kissed and the kids giggled! 

The table runner is actually just a piece of fabric. I folded it over and shaped it like a table runner.

This little candle lamp was a gift from a family friend. It says "Cherish yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live today." I wanted some element of light here and this seems to fit. I think the saying goes well, too, with the LOVE theme here - especially the "cherish yesterday" part.

This is a photo of us on our wedding day - June 17, 2000. He is "carrying me over the threshold" into our new house. The crystal heart picture frame was a wedding gift. My little Claire got a kick out of this photo and stops to admire it often. She giggles and says "Mama, daddy's holding you!"
Yes, well, this was before having three babies....a much easier task than it would be today!

This little heart candle holder was also a wedding present. I put a red candle in it.

I added the black frame with little foam conversation hearts dangling from it and I really like how it tied together with the cabinet so well. The pink vase the flowers are in is from Ikea.  I added the sparkly red heart (with the pink heart in the middle) to the vase. 
The little bear figurine was a gift from my mother-in-law.

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