Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Violet and Poppies Sewing Room Makeover

My friend Angie from Violet & Poppies: Handmade Waldorf Dolls started the new year out with a newly organized sewing room. Since getting organized is often at the top of many resolution lists, I thought it fitting to share her fresh, new room with you today!
Let me first tell you a little about Angie. I met her at a scrapbook bed and breakfast this past November. We sat next to each other and I got see her work hand sewing this precious dolls...
Aren't they adorable?!?!
Having a little girl myself I fell in love with these dolls right away and immediately started asking Angie about them. I was so impressed to see her calm, relaxed demeanor as she lovingly stitched these Waldorf inspired dolls. Right then and there I put in an order for our own little dolly to have under the tree on Christmas morning.  This is my little Claire's (4) baby doll, Anabelle...
And this is my Claire on Christmas morning with her new baby...
She adores Anabelle and I love how Anabelle's crazy hair is so much like Claire's crazy hair! :)
Okay, so back to the sewing room pictures...
  This cabinet was something she found at a local consignment shop. She gave it a fresh coat of paint for her sewing room. She plans to replace the hardware eventually too!

Everything is visible and easily accessible. I love how Angie has the lids for each box underneath the box itself - still available to use but safely stored right there for getting in and out of the boxes while she is working. 

A refinished desk (a garage sale find) holds her computer for taking orders and corresponding with her customers. I LOVE the paint color on the walls.
And look at this lamp...
She said she received this lamp as a Christmas gift. Isn't it cool?!? She tells me it is from Target! Of course! Yay for Target!!

And would you just look at this...
...nice neat piles of fabric - again, visible and easily accessible. Clear tubs with each labeled for the items she needs to create the dolls. 

This wire hanger is from Ikea.  She is using it for an art gallery wall of her childrens' masterpieces.  A beautiful way to display her children's work and add a splash of color and creativity to her work area. I also think a mom having her kids' artwork on display in her own creative area will send the message to her children that their work is important too!

Her sewing table holds a ribbon holder she got at Joanne Fabrics before Christmas. Perfect!
Shortly after I met Angie she had a giveaway on her Facebook page for this little bear doll...

And I WON!!!! I am saving it to send to my niece for a Valentine's Day gift!
 It is precious and will be perfect for her!
Clearly you can see Angie is extremely talented...and organized too! What an inspiration! Check out Angie's Facebook page...Violet & Poppies and visit her Etsy shop!
Also, this spring Angie will be sponsoring a giveaway here on Sister-Dipity for one of her little bunny dolls! Yay!
Thanks, Angie, for sharing your newly organized and decorated sewing room with us! It is beautiful!


  1. I ABSOLUTELY love her dolls!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. I've been sewing for 45 years for others and would love to copy, copy, copy the super ideas here!