Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Valentine Snack Mix

Okay...are you ready for this?? It is really quite ingenious...amazing, I tell ya!
Valentine Snack Mix...and here's how you do it!

See all these snacks? Dump 'em in a bowl! Yup! That's it! Clever, huh?
Ingredients I included...
-Chex Mix
-2 small boxes of conversation heart candy
-1 large bag of M & Ms (plain)
-1/2 canister of Archer Farms Butter Crunch Peanuts (from Target)
-a few little packets of Sixlets
I used the Chex Mix in the blue bag - could have made my own but...well, you know..I'm a working mom. I need convenience! I used the Valentine colored M & Ms and Sixlets to add the pink and red holiday color to the mix (and a little sweetness!) The butter crunch peanuts are SO good! They were a nice addition too! I had to add some conversation hearts because...well, because nothing screams Valentine's Day like conversation hearts! I didn't use many - just enough to make it festive and fun!
I am taking this mix to the kids' day care tomorrow with a note that said "Happy Valentine's Day from Claire & Oliver." The day care ladies can leave the bowl in their kitchenette and help themselves throughout the day (week?) I am also taking little cups they can scoop their snacks into.
It is an easy, affordable, yet, I hope thoughtful, V-day gift to remind them how much we appreciate them! I have a smaller batch of this for us here at home too. I am going to send a little baggie of the mix to school with each of the kids on Valentine's Day for their snack. Something to make the day even more special!

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