Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe

Before Christmas my friend Tracey and I made felt Christmas trees for our children (and I made one for my classroom too.) See HERE.  We had SO much felt! As Valentine's Day loomed closer I got thinking about the felt again. My own children and my students too really enjoyed the Christmas trees. Then it came to me....a felt tic-tac-toe board that can be hung on the wall.
I got out the big tub of felt again and pulled out red, white, hot pink, light pink, and black.
I bought a package of 1 large piece of felt that measured 36in x 36in and another in red that measured 36in x 36 in too. (I purchased these for about $3.00 each at Michael's.)  I laid out the large black square then cut the large red square into 4 equal strips, about 4 inches across. I hot glued then into place to make the grid.

I then used a heart-shaped pancake mold to trace around to make a heart pattern. I did this in light pink felt then traced a hot pink heart a little larger and glued them together.

I then used the computer to make an X pattern. I found a font that I thought I could cut out easily and I blew it up a little bit to be more in proportion to the hearts. I cut it out then used it as my pattern. I traced the X onto white felt and cut out several of them.

 And here we have it...

I used Command picture hanger hooks to hang it on the block wall in my classroom. The directions on the adhesive strips tell you to put one side on the wall and one side on the "picture" and then push them together. They work like very strong Velcro. I had found for my Christmas tree project and again for this, that I could stick them to the wall leaving the Velcroish side open and merely lay the felt up against it. The strips grabbed the felt very well and they have hung securely. 


I put a little basket underneath the tic-tac-toe board so the pieces could be stored inside when not being used.

As soon as my students came in they knew just what it was and how to use it. Every class, as soon as they get done with their work, are asking to play tic-tac-toe with a friend. They think it is absolute magic that the felt sticks to the felt so well! Very fun!


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