Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Plans

I thought I'd share our Easter weekend details with you. It is all fun stuff - just super B U S Y!

Good Friday
We all have the day off, of course, and are looking forward to sleeping in. Did you hear that, my 3 children?!?! SLEEPING IN! This will be the day we color Easter eggs. Ryan has an appointment later in the day. Then we will be going to my parents' house for our Easter together with my sisters and their families. I am so excited to see everyone. It seems so hard to see much of each other between Christmas and Easter. At my parents' house we will have an egg and basket hunt for the kids followed by a nice evening dinner together. Ryan will also be heading into town to do a story on the cross walk that our church is doing. (Ryan is a writer for the local paper.)

Coloring Easter Eggs in 2012

Oh, my. Saturday. It exhausts me thinking about it all. Saturday morning I will go to my brother and sister-in-law's house for a baby shower open house for Ryan's cousin Nate and his wife Courtney. They have a new baby and I can't wait to see little Henry.  After the shower I will have to hurry back home, change clothes, grab some home baked cookies that I somehow need to find some time to make, and go to the local art gallery where there will be a special reception for 26 of my Creative Arts students and their families. Following the reception, we will be rushing to a 1st birthday party for a dear friend of ours whose baby girl, Adalee is having a rainbow birthday party. We will be late getting there because of the art reception. Oh, well. Then we will hurry back home, lay out everyone's Easter Sunday clothes, set out some carrots for E. B. and then go to bed.

My students' artwork on display at the art gallery in town!
Easter Morning 2012

Christ the Lord has risen today! Hallelujah!

Wake up at 6:00 am to get everyone dressed up in their Easter gear, snap some pictures, then head to church by 8:00 am. Following the church service we will have breakfast with our church family and then an Easter egg hunt for all the church kids! We will then head back home and look for eggs and baskets. Maybe I can talk everyone into naps mid-day? Probably not. We will then head to Ryan's parents' house for Easter with his family. Maybe upon returning home on Sunday night we can tuck tired kids into bed and then Ryan and I can snuggle on the couch and watch a movie or reruns of Duck Dynasty that we missed earlier in the week?!?! I will look forward to that after such a busy weekend.

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