Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

My daughter Claire turned 4 in December and she had planned months before that her party would be Hello Kitty! There is so much Hello Kitty stuff out there that it was harder narrowing down the ideas than coming up with ideas. (Honestly, I really don't know who was more into the Hello Kitty - me or her!)
These were the invitations that I ordered from Poshberry Parites on Etsy.
Hello Kitty Invitation for Birthday Party - Digital Printable File
This is the example from the Etsy site - not our actual invitation.
The Decorations & Food
 Claire's party was a week before Christmas so we had some pink Hello Kitty
decor mixed in with our Christmas decor.
The window by the food table had Christmas garland with hot pink, teal, and bright green bulbs and glass candy canes hanging from it with white lights. On the actual window, I put stick-on Hello Kitty felt decorations that were purchased on clearance at Walmart. I must confess - they are still on our window. (The Hello Kitty stuff, not the Christmas!) They are just so darn cute! 
With her birthday so close to Christmas, I came up with the idea of making a Hello Kitty Birthday Tree! Multicolored lights, hot pink netting, and multicolored beads decorated the tree. I added a few Hello Kitty ornaments and cut out some Hello Kitty pictures from some of the party supply packaging we had. I also used these big wooden letters I had painted pink to spell out her name down the front of the tree. I made the Hello Kitty tree topper with a white paper lantern and white, black, and pink foam cut out for the face, ears, and whiskers.  The red bow was made with a glittery, self-adhesive foam. All foam was purchased at Hobby Lobby.
We got these Tum-E Yummies "juice" drinks from Walmart.
I also got this Hello Kitty duct tape from Walmart. We used it to cover the label on each juice drink.

Okay, before we go any further I must apologize (and warn you!) The party was in our finished basement which is also my husband's trophy room. He is an avid hunter and fisherman and his dad is a taxidermist soooo....well, just try to focus on the Hello Kitty and not so much the dead animals! Okay? Okay, here we go...
I purchased this dessert tray at a nearby gift and home decor shop that was going out of business. They had used it to display...something...I can't remember what?!?! Some sort of jewelry, I think. It wasn't used for dessert anyway. But at only $10.00 I knew I could make good use of it for something! I'm sure I will find multiple uses for it in the future!
The cupcakes were strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. The Hello Kitty cupcake liners and cupcake picks came together in a package from Walmart. Claire absolutely ADORES strawberries so I also made chocolate covered strawberries using chocolate almond bark. I put them in shiny hot pink and red mini cupcake liners and added those to the dessert display. I stuck Hershey's kisses and pink mini marshmallows around the cupcakes and strawberries. The hanging "Princess" sign at the top is ceramic with beads on the wire hanger. This was a clearance find from....yup, Walmart!
Polka dot, star, and Hello Kitty helium balloons were the backdrop for the party table.
See the pink roses below? We have a dozen pink roses delivered to Claire every year on her birthday from mommy and daddy. They added a little extra pretty to the table!
The paper plates, napkins, tablecloth, and Hello Kitty foil balloons were all from Birthday in a Box.
The cake was a store-bought from - you guessed it - Walmart! (I guess Walmart really got a lot of business from me for this party!) While I usually like to make my own cake, buying this one from the bakery worked out very well. It was a darling little square cake and the Hello Kitty cake decorations and candle holders I got from Walmart worked perfect in the middle.
The Activities

I made this large Hello Kitty face for Pin-the-bow-on-Hello-Kitty (you know, similar to pin-the-tail-on the donkey.)
I found a Google image of just Hello Kitty's head and projected it large onto a the wall. I then used a large roll of paper and traced it onto large butcher paper and cut it out.

My good friend, Tracey, help me make a bunch of huge bows for the kids to stick on Hello Kitty's head. We made the bows in different colors out of construction paper and outlined them with black Sharpie markers.

I used my Cricut Hello Kitty Greetings cartridge to cut out large Hello Kitties from a full 12x12 page of white cardstock. I set out crayons and colored pencils to let the kids color their own Hello Kitty shape.

My friend, Tracey ran our Hello Kitty tattoo station! 


Our good friend, Chloee (8) ran a balloon animal station where she made things out of balloons for everyone. She practiced for this for weeks ahead of time! The balloon animals were a big hit!



The party favors were these gift bags filled with Hello Kitty Ring Pops (Amaon.com), Hello Kitty lip gloss (Target), and Hello Kitty necklaces and rings (Ebay.) The boys' bags were a little bit more boyish!


9 pc for $8.99 and free shipping - HERE

The pinata was a big hit!

Claire SO enjoyed her party. She was delighted with all the details and LOVED having her friends and cousins there to celebrate with her.


After her party I punched a hole in the upper left hand corner of each of her cards and then put a book ring through them to keep them all together. She still loves to look at all of her cards and read the messages from family and friends.
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