Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Annual St. Patrick's Day Party

When my husband and I first began dating, one of the first things he said to me was "I can't wait to take you to Aunt Jill's St. Patrick's Day party!" It was summer when we began dating and so, of course, the party was months away. He hyped it up so much during those months though, that by the time March rolled around I was so excited I could hardly wait either! That was March of 1995 and every year since then I've felt like Aunt Jill's infamous St. Patrick's Day is the official start of spring!
I thought I would share with you photos of last year's party.

This is Aunt Jill with one of my little leprechauns!

We all get decked out in green of course! Rub on tattoos and all!
I ordered these iron letters and 4-leaf clover from an Etsy shop. (Unfortunately, the shop closed.) I bought her this little white shirt from JCPenney and just ironed the letters and clover on to it. She wore green and white polka-dotted leggings which I also got from JCPenney.
I made corned beef with a cabbage cream sauce and apple/onion saute.
Soooo yummy! Click HERE for the recipe!

Aunt Jill always has green beverages!
Actually EVERYTHING is green!

Aunt Jill really goes all out! It is so fun!

I made this for Aunt Jill last year...
HERE is the tutorial for making it!
My sister-in-law, Brooke, made these...
Aren't they cute?
HERE are directions (from Pinterest) for cupcakes similar to this.
I also made green cakeballs...
Recipe HERE

 The kids' table
 Hugh and Grandpa Bob
My youngest two leprechauns!

A favorite part of the party is the annual BINGO game!

If you get a BINGO you get to pick a prize from a HUGE selection of carefully selected prizes guaranteed to put a big Irish grin on your face! You can also choose to pass on the prizes and "go to the money board" instead! If you do this you randomly choose an envelope. It may have lottery tickets, money, or a note that says "pick 2 prizes." may be empty! The gamblin' Irish, you know!

There are prizes to tickle everyone's fancy!

 We always have SUCH a good time!

And we always have sleepy leprechauns at the end of the day...

Can't wait until this year's party!
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